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121 Make a Big Chair

I got the idea to make a bunch of random things on my island. It really cool!
This is a great idea

Laugh out loud Stampy did this in squids sky island challenge and put a statue of baby squid on it laugh out loud

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122 Make a Slime Statue

I'll do this cause I'm bored.. -.

123 Defeat the Ender Dragon While Riding a Pig in Survival Mode

I have done this before. It is, of course, extremely difficult.

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124 Make a House Out of Bedrock V 4 Comments
125 Create a Mob Farm

Thanks did this and I got 50 loots every 20 seconds

This could take a lot of time and recourses.

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126 Build a Huge Grenade Out of TNT, Light It, and See What Happens

I'm actually covering an entire world (on old) out of TNT. It's extremely boring and difficult but if you do a little bit every day you get closer and closer.

Its actually very entertaining

127 Build a Tree House

Yah! I've done this before. It's good for survival houses or tree villages :P

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128 Make Pigs Do Your Biddings V 1 Comment
129 Build a Tower of Pimps V 1 Comment
130 Build a Giant Mansion With a Pool On Top

NO white chocolate chip cookie and the best colours

I have tried this before! It took a really long time but it was really worth it! And don't forget to invite friends!

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131 Build a Hotel

I've done this uncountable times on PE behind my sister's back, and when she goes on the world she's like 'WOAH! ' After that, she's unamused. I once made one with a pool, rooms and everything. Including a hot tub. I've never made an extreme one though, because I don't have the patience. But I've made some pretty cool stuff. I recently made a summer cabin, with a mining village, gift shop, and stuff like that

I did this and it has a restaurant 2 elevators these little waiting areas 2 lounges and a gift shop and 34 rooms

I did it many times, the chain is called WDex Hotel by Dex Nelson.

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132 Make the Biggest City V 2 Comments
133 Make a Minion
134 Make a Doghouse

I did that. I kept getting so many dogs, I had to keep extending it.

135 Kill the Ender Dragon With No Armour

Super hard but not impossible

136 Set Traps for Your Friends

That would be AWESOME! Just practice some redstone and start laughing as they get trapped!

I read how to make one in a handbook

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137 Build a Mountain of TNT Then Cover It In Gravel Ask Your Friend to Look Inside Then Blow It Up V 3 Comments
138 Build Iron Golemn

Here's how you do it first punch to iron pieces of black white ones on top of each other just too and then you put two on the side one only one on the side and then you put a pumpkin head on top of it

139 Name the Ender Dragon Dinner Bone V 4 Comments
140 Build a mall

My sister will make a coconut mall in her town on pe

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