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121 Use Console Commands

Love it just type tab and test random commands

I have no idea how to do this... Can someone tell me how

Summon the wither toward a village lol so funny

I use these to troll and my friends rage - MChkflaguard_Yt

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122 Set Fire to a Forest or Jungle

I do this when I'm bored.
Awesome! I also though made this really cool jungle tree house where it like connects all these jungle trees and there is a room on each tree! So much fun!

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123 Build a Tree House

Yah! I've done this before. It's good for survival houses or tree villages :P

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124 Make an Air City V 2 Comments
125 Create a Town

Me an my brother created a town we have over 20 villager house, over 3 resteraunts, a dentist, a hospital, a bank, a hotel, a giant roller coaster, a museum, a newsroom, a spa, a fitness center, 2 libraries, multiple stores, a zoo, a pet store, a place where me and my brother store our pets, an archery range, we are building a theater, an ice skating rink,
A snow village, and that's about it I think. A lot of our inspiration was from the stampylongnose videos. We didn't copy what he did exactly, but we used some (emphasis on some) of his ideas, oh we also have a jail, a fire station, and a police station. Now I think I covered it.

Making towns is great. You can RP with friends and if built correctly, you can make it a map for others online.

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126 Call a Sheep Jeb

I called mah jeb bob

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127 Building Game

Sounds fun but I'm a great builder so that's probably the reason this sounds fun

I am great builder this will be a good idea

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128 Make a Big Chair

I got the idea to make a bunch of random things on my island. It really cool!
This is a great idea

Laugh out loud Stampy did this in squids sky island challenge and put a statue of baby squid on it laugh out loud

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129 Make a Slime Statue

I'll do this cause I'm bored.. -.

130 Defeat the Ender Dragon While Riding a Pig in Survival Mode

I have done this before. It is, of course, extremely difficult.

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131 Make a House Out of Bedrock V 4 Comments
132 Create a Mob Farm

Thanks did this and I got 50 loots every 20 seconds

This could take a lot of time and recourses.

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133 Build a Huge Grenade Out of TNT, Light It, and See What Happens

I'm actually covering an entire world (on old) out of TNT. It's extremely boring and difficult but if you do a little bit every day you get closer and closer.

Its actually very entertaining

134 Make Pigs Do Your Biddings V 1 Comment
135 Build a Tower of Pimps V 1 Comment
136 Make a Giant House Fill It With Villagers and Squids Then Blow It Up

I tried this before it was the most hilarious thing I've ever done

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137 Build a Giant Mansion With a Pool On Top

NO white chocolate chip cookie and the best colours

I have tried this before! It took a really long time but it was really worth it! And don't forget to invite friends!

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138 Make Redstone contraptions

Yes TNT Cannons are cool but hard to make

TNT cannons are boss

139 Visit the Far Lands

It's cool but I think in newest version garlands does not exist.

I'm sorry but, what is the far lands?

I think this is AMAZING

AWESOME! But since there's no Farlands in the new edition, you'll have to use mods, maps, or just build it yourself. It's awesome when you have the "FARLANDER" skin, and ride horses there, and you can feel like you're in Minecraft Story Mode, and you can even use a Jesse skin and make a pig sit behind you. (REUBEN! WHY?! T.T) Anyway, there was a person who asked what the Farlands are, well, they're at the edge of the world, where when you feel like dying, you stumble upon them, and think that it's the doorway to... ADVENTURE! (IVOR) And then, you travel through the holes, finding awesomeness beyond comprehension.

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140 Play on Hypixel

It's fun, but the admin almost always kicks me when I'm SO CLOSE TO WINNING THE MINIGAME (I think the admin hates me) - BlueFrostOfThunderClan

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