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141 Name the Ender Dragon Dinner Bone V 4 Comments
142 Build a mall

My sister will make a coconut mall in her town on pe

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143 Use a Fishing Hook to Fling Monsters Up In the Sky
144 Play Maps

I don't play on PC but I wish they made it so people could post servers with mini-games and government RPs on Xbox 360 but we don't have that and I don't know if we ever will. I would like mine craft a lot more if it had online stuff like that. For now I'm out of ideas and that's why I'm on this website. Lol

Play maps on minecraft pocket edition

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145 Make Custom Maps

I made a raging parkour map called Parkour Games and now it has >100000 downloads. Easy way to be famous - MChkflaguard_Yt

146 Making your own server

I co-own one, and I promise you it is the most fun you'll ever have. Getting to make new gamemodes and ban hackers is the best! - MagmaLord

147 Replicate Your Native City

Well if you live in a crowded city like hong kong it'd take a lot of time just to build the apartments... but awesome overall - MChkflaguard_Yt

148 Ride a Pig, While Trying to Kill the Wither Boss V 2 Comments
149 Build a Pyramid
150 Flood Your Friend's House With Lava On Survival Only World

Let me use pigs or chickens :D

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151 Install the Herobrine mod and try to die

Wow, Herobrine can't kill me!?!?!

Herobrine is not real. Anyone who thinks he is is a dumbass!

Try to die... just do /kill or jump into lava or drown urself - MChkflaguard_Yt

Herobrine isn't real in vanilla minecraft. there is a real mod.

152 Hit Dogs and Let the Whole Pack Chase You

Then whenever you come across a dog hit it and keep running. Soon you'll have hundreds of dogs after you

It's hilarious especially if you do it then run through an ice maze

Don't do dogs, they have red collars and will not chase you unless someone hits you.
Do wolves!


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153 Make Your Own Texture Pack

Did it once, hard, frustrating, but awesome in the end!

That's possible?! I'm starting to feel like a noob again

154 Make a Minecraft Machinima

Make animations instead these are much harder - MChkflaguard_Yt

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155 Build a Giant Donut Statue and Worship It

Probably the best thing on this list!

V 2 Comments
156 Make a Really Big Underwater Tunnel

Started making a really really big one! Its awesome but gonna take a while

I LOVE the idea it is brill my best friend loves doing stuff like this

I am going to do this right now bye

157 Build an Amusement Park

I was just about to build one after my love tower

Took so long but totally worth it

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158 Make Giant Tools

I did this, and well, my brother was asking me on our survival world... how much iron did you get?!

159 Poop Attack the Ender Dragon

YES YES YES! IBallisticSquid forever!

! I was watching him when I read this. YAS!

Sounds like a really good idea I love squid I read this a couple of months after I saw that video I think that in vanilla Minecraft brown die looks like poop. poop is awesome!

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160 Make a Chicken Bomb V 1 Comment
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