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161 Make Giant Tools

I did this, and well, my brother was asking me on our survival world... how much iron did you get?!

162 Poop Attack the Ender Dragon

YES YES YES! IBallisticSquid forever!

! I was watching him when I read this. YAS!

Sounds like a really good idea I love squid I read this a couple of months after I saw that video I think that in vanilla Minecraft brown die looks like poop. poop is awesome!

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163 Make a Chicken Bomb V 1 Comment
164 Find a Village and Execute All the Viligars

STOP YOU ALL Villagers are innocent and you wont waste your weapons just on that - MChkflaguard_Yt

That sounds pretty dumb but cool

I used them as archery targets

My sister does that

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165 Make a Roller Coaster All Around the Nether and the End

The end doesn't go forever so that's easier.

End is easier (when you fight the boss...)

This is a good Idea, I love coasters.

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166 On a Public Server Build the Scaffolding of a Building That Would Be Massive, Then Just Leave It and See If Others Will Attemp to Finish. V 1 Comment
167 Build a UFO

That sounds so cool I haven't played mine craft yet but going to in a few months and this is top of the list

168 Get a Skin

I would love to...

Everybody has a skin.

I have enough.

easy peasy - MChkflaguard_Yt

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169 Spawn Lots of Squids

Spawn lots of squids and then dance with them

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170 Find Herobrine

I found herobrine in 1675...oh wait I'm sorry herobrine isn't real.

Never found his hideout,only kill him while he posseses my creation

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171 Have an Iron Golem Battle Enderman
172 Make Redstone contraptions

Yes TNT Cannons are cool but hard to make

TNT cannons are boss

173 Get a Stampylongnose Skin

His voice is sort of annoying but I still love to watch his videos!

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174 Have Stampylongnose Go to Your World

I would SCREAM. No joke. He's like one of my favorite YouTubers.

I WISH he would that would be AWESOME!

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175 Build a Restaurant

I did that and my sisters did that. One was "Kentucky Fried Chicken," or KFC

176 Join

Stop advertising! - MChkflaguard_Yt

Shut up spama - MChkflaguard_Yt

Yayh do dis one

177 Build an Olympic Sized Pool
178 Make a Massive Diving Board from the Sky's Limit, Put Water On the Ground 3 Blocks Deep and Then Jump Off It

I have done this before with slime and once with lava it was great

Has anyone ever done that with slime blocks?

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179 Build a statue of yourself V 1 Comment
180 Visit the Far Lands

It's cool but I think in newest version garlands does not exist.

I'm sorry but, what is the far lands?

I think this is AMAZING

AWESOME! But since there's no Farlands in the new edition, you'll have to use mods, maps, or just build it yourself. It's awesome when you have the "FARLANDER" skin, and ride horses there, and you can feel like you're in Minecraft Story Mode, and you can even use a Jesse skin and make a pig sit behind you. (REUBEN! WHY?! T.T) Anyway, there was a person who asked what the Farlands are, well, they're at the edge of the world, where when you feel like dying, you stumble upon them, and think that it's the doorway to... ADVENTURE! (IVOR) And then, you travel through the holes, finding awesomeness beyond comprehension.

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