Top Ten Things to Do to Mr. Krabs If You Meet Him

If you hate him, these are the stuff you can do to him.

The Top Ten

1 Kill Him With a Long, Very Sharp Knife

This list is pure evil how could you monsters say and want to do these vile unforgivable things remove this list now or I'll call the police on you

I wouldn't murder him I would scold him for how harsh he is to mr krabs because he is mean but murder is always wrong

Thanks for this list. I hate Mr.Krabs - EpicJake

No murder is horrible take this off the list

2 Beat Him Up Very Badly

Actually, him getting beaten up is laughable. You see? Funny is meant for things that are pleasantly humorous. But laughable is meant for things that bring unpleasant humor.

If you ask me, I no longer like funny things. And so, I prefer laughable things depending on what they are.

When I mean laughable, I mean humorous in a contemptuous way. And sicne I have contempt for Mr. krabs, I'd laugh nastily at him if he dies painfully.

Getting him beat up is funny

3 Take All His Money

Hell yeah! It's what he deserves for being too greedy for his own good.

If he only cares about that instead of anything else, that would be the best way to make him suffer, then give all the money to pearl.

This is probably the only thing on the list that would bother him. - 3DG20

Why Isn't This Number 1

4 Poison Him

You go, my fellow hater of Mr. Krabs! I want that to happen to him because of his extreme greed.

I would put poison in his food so he can die

Put The Poison In A Krabby Patty

He's been poisoned in the show already. - BlueSheepYT

5 Flush His Money Down The Toilet
6 Have Rainbow Dash Call Mr. Krabs An Egghead

yes please

7 Make Him Your Servant

That would be interesting. But I'd rather make him my slave because slaves are treated worse than servants.

NO! Especially if you love Plankton, you will be forced to be AGAINST him! - BorisRule

8 Make Him a Slave

That's better than making him a servant because slaves are mistreated more than servants.

9 Have Gidget From The Secret Life Of Pets Beat Up Mr. Krabs Until He Dies
10 Get Plankton to Torture Him

That will teach him a lesson after doing it to Plankton in One Coarse Meal.

You better believe it, TopTenJackson. I honestly with that Plankton killed that crab for taking his formula. Besides, it was Krabs who stole Sheldon's recipe when they were kids. And that's why he (Plankton) was trying to get it back from him (Mr. Krabs).

Yes - JPK

The Contenders

11 Kill and Eat Him

Totally! Those are what he deserves for being a villain.

12 Boil Him in Water

But he can be in water... - Datguyisweird666

Like the extremely greedy crustacean he is.

13 Cook Him

I bet that he'd make a tasty meal for his haters. If he's a main course, that would likely be more interesting.

Sounds delicious.

"I wish I was steamed" - Mr. Krabs and it came true! - Neonco31

14 Set Him On Fire

Guess all I have to do is steal King Neptune's crown and make sure he burns Mr. Krabs to a crisp. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

That would really make my day. What make my day more is see him die forever.

15 Throw Tomatoes at Him

That sounds interesting. But it may not be enough.

16 Force Him to Play Bubsy 3D

That's too silly of an idea. How can that torture Mr. Krabs?

This could be funny. - Goatworlds

17 Have Him Babysit Caillou

He would probably choke the lights out of him...But please tell me this list exist because of Mr.Enter - Jkthemanwiththeplan

I laughed so hard at this. Move it up, people! - Cesium

Yes! That would be awesome!

18 Put Him In Jail

That's what he deserves. But I just hate it when the writers of SpongeBob SquarePants refuse to do that. Are they trying to promote his bad behavior to kids? If so, they should be fired.

Smrpg1996, I salute you for posting that.

19 Send him to Davy Jones' Locker

That's the SpongeBob version of Hell, which is where Mr. Krabs belongs forever because of all the bad stuff he did.

Yes do it because he sold SPONGEBOB'S SOUL FOR A PENNY BEFORE

The Flying Dutchman tried to send him there but Krabs cried like a baby and the Dutchman let him go just to shut him up if TFD put him in DJL I would give TFD a million jillion dollars

20 Send Him to Red Lobster, Boil Him, and Eat Him.

Seeing those things happen to him would warm my heart.

21 Ask Him What Happened to Pearl's Mom

I like this one a lot. I honestly wouldn't be surprised if he adopted Pearl, I don't know why people act like it's a surprise. - Cesium

22 Find a Way to Give Him HIV, Ebola, or Cancer

Like what Cartman did to Kyle once on South Park (with HIV) - KalloFox34

If He gave Plankton panaroia and depression, then why not? - BorisRule

Even Though I Hate Mr. Krabs, This Entry Is A Little Too Far

23 Make Him Go On Encyclopedia Dramatica's Offended Page

The worst page on Encyclopedia Dramatica, there's a GIF of a kitten going through a blender, a severed wolf's head in a toilet, a man slicing his penis into ribbons, famous shock sites like Goatse and Tubgirl, and Anime pornography - ZootopiaFan

24 Force Him to Watch Happy Tree Friends

Oh come on! Happy Tree Friends is just as horrible as Mr. Krabs. Therefore, they and that crab should murder each other.

I don't think he can kill all of them at once, they would probably gang on him and tear him apart, just like in the Mad comic - ZootopiaFan

Even though I hate Happy Tree Friends, I HATE MR. KRABS EVEN MORE! and I hope he watches that show and reacts to all the blood and gore

Even if Mr. Krabs did try to fight, the HTF characters would come back, I wouldn't say the same for Mr. Krabs if he dies

25 Take Him Shopping
26 Give Him Herpes

Like Brian did to Stewie in Family Guy

27 Work For Him

No, Mr. Krabs isn't a good person person at all. He's not even a person. Instead, he's a conniving lowlife who will go to any lengths just to obtain money and is willing to harm and kill even his own daughter just to be wealthy. And for that, he deserves to die.

Are you crazy?! He'd enslave the hell out of you just to earn money! But if you want to work him, then you can die with him for all I care.

And then shoot him.

Mr. Krabs is a good person.

28 Rip his Eyes Out

That's an opinion. I personally find it funny. - Goatworlds

How wrong you, Goatworlds. You act like this is funny when it isn't. Instead, it's laughable. If it's funny, I'd see it as being pleasant. But that's not my kind of humor.

My type of humor is revengeful humor. So if I see Mr. Krabs with his eyes ripped out, I wouldn't go, "Haha, that's so funny." Instead, I'd say, "Hah ha, serves you right, bonehead! "

This is hilarious. - Goatworlds

29 Make Him Listen to Justin Bieber

YES! This is the best way to torture him! - Datguyisweird666

How ridiculous that sounds! I may not like Justin. But at least, he's not as bad as Krabs.

He might like Justin Bieber, though. - anonygirl

30 Tell him that someone wrote "Krabs is a *dolphin chirp*" on the dumpster

"Squidward smells... G O O D" - Torchpost

31 Have Him Destroy This List

Whoever put this suggestion here should be destroyed. Do you suck up to Mr. Krabs? If so, how about you let him torture the hell out of you?

Whoever put this suggestion in this list is a blind a** kisser of that crab. If he or she loves him so much, then he or she should die with him.

32 Slice his Face off and Kick him Into a Volcano

That would be AWESOME!

I second those.

Just like Sedullus' death in Spartacus, just with a volcano added

33 Make Him Get Picked Up By Red Lobster

If that happens, that company had better kill hi mas brutally as possible.

34 Make Him Die with all of his Fans

How deluded all those lovers of that crab blindly suck up to him as if he's real. Can they not see how evil he is? How would they like it they kiss is a** and he tortures them for money?

35 Make Him Play a Crossover of Bubsy 3D and Superman 64

Like that's ever going to work. Honestly, who put humorous ways in this list?! It's not meant to be funny! If I made this list, I'd make it serious.

Make him play sonic 06

36 Make Dio Brando Road Roller him
37 Force Him to Watch Dora the Explorer

Dora and that crazy crab should murder each other!

38 Accuse Him of Torturing Plankton
39 Help Him Become Less Selfish

Good idea. -Poppliolover05

40 Infect Him With the Bubonic Plague
41 Chop His Eyes Off and Feed His Brains to Pitbulls
42 Ask him if he knows TheTopTens

Oh come on! How will that work when he isn't real?

Lets go see his reaction.

43 Slice His Head Off With a Sword

Yeah, and use a chainsaw so his blood splatters everywhere!

Firewolf5, I'm glad that you want Mr. Krabs dead as much as I do. But could you not put "Lol" in your anti-Krabs post? My kinds of Mr. Krabs haters don't use humorous abbreviations.

I would be like " time to die " then say " howl firewolf " then the sword will turn into fire and cut his head off. Lol. - firewolf5

44 Throw Him Out of the Window

If that happens, I'd like to see him fall to his doom.

45 Poop on Him

Oh come on! That's gross! As much as I hate Mr. Krabs, I'd never do that to him. Instead, I'd do something more painful to him. Hopefully, it will make him die quickly.

YEAH! HE SUCKS NOW - Goatworlds

46 Make Him Play Five Nights at Freddy's

Slenderman would be scarier. - Datguyisweird666

How is that a way to get back at Mr. Krabs?

It Would Scare Him

47 Push Him Off a Cliff

If that happens, I'd want to see him fall to his death. And if he dies, I'd laugh vengefully.

Oh yeah! That would rock.

48 Strangle Him

Praise to whoever put that suggestion in this list.

I'd rather see Mr. Krabs and Homer kill each other since they're such troublemakers.

Mr. Krabs: You think I ain't afraid to fight a fat yellow man?
Homer Simpson: WHY YOU LITTLE! *strangles Mr. Krabs*

49 Make Him Watch NotSmirks and uolliaC

Let's make him react to very loud videos.

I wonder how that would harm him.

50 Punch Him In The Balls

If you think that's hilarious, think again.

I'm tired of people sounding like Mr. Krabs' punishments are pleasant when they really aren't. But just because I'm against others thinking that those actions funny, it doesn't mean that I side Krabs. To prove that I'm against him, I claim that his punishments are laughable. In other words, I'd laugh revengefully at him if he gets hurt and/or killed.

That would be hilarious because I am picturing this in my head right now.

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