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41 Slice His Head Off With a Sword

Yeah, and use a chainsaw so his blood splatters everywhere!

Firewolf5, I'm glad that you want Mr. Krabs dead as much as I do. But could you not put "Lol" in your anti-Krabs post? My kinds of Mr. Krabs haters don't use humorous abbreviations.

I would be like " time to die " then say " howl firewolf " then the sword will turn into fire and cut his head off. Lol. - firewolf5

42 Slice his Face off and Kick him Into a Volcano

That would be AWESOME!

I second those.

Just like Sedullus' death in Spartacus, just with a volcano added

43 Throw Him Out of the Window

If that happens, I'd like to see him fall to his doom.

44 Poop on Him

Oh come on! That's gross! As much as I hate Mr. Krabs, I'd never do that to him. Instead, I'd do something more painful to him. Hopefully, it will make him die quickly.

YEAH! HE SUCKS NOW - Goatworlds

45 Make Him Play Five Nights at Freddy's

How is that a way to get back at Mr. Krabs?

It Would Scare Him

46 Push Him Off a Cliff

If that happens, I'd want to see him fall to his death. And if he dies, I'd laugh vengefully.

Oh yeah! That would rock.

47 Strangle Him

Praise to whoever put that suggestion in this list.

I'd rather see Mr. Krabs and Homer kill each other since they're such troublemakers.

Mr. Krabs: You think I ain't afraid to fight a fat yellow man?
Homer Simpson: WHY YOU LITTLE! *strangles Mr. Krabs*

48 Make Him Watch NotSmirks and uolliaC

Let's make him react to very loud videos.

I wonder how that would harm him.

49 Punch Him In The Balls

If you think that's hilarious, think again.

I'm tired of people sounding like Mr. Krabs' punishments are pleasant when they really aren't. But just because I'm against others thinking that those actions funny, it doesn't mean that I side Krabs. To prove that I'm against him, I claim that his punishments are laughable. In other words, I'd laugh revengefully at him if he gets hurt and/or killed.

That would be hilarious because I am picturing this in my head right now.

50 Drill A Hole In His Skull And Pour Cyanide In

I'd laugh cruelly if I see those happen to him.

51 Bite His Head Off

First of all, who's Ozzy? Second of all, Mr. Krabs having his head bitten is what he gets for being a huge antagonist.

Ozzy Osbourne, you dumbass

Ozzy would be perfect for doing that

To the one who called me a dumbass:

" You're the dumb ass because you called me one all because I just asked a simple question. How the hell was I supposed to know when the one who put the name Ozzy on this list wasn't being specific?

It turns out that you're just as bad as Mr. Krabs just because I asked a simple question. If you can't stand what I posted, then shut the hell up and get off this list! "

52 Let Squidward Eat Him

Squidward is an octopus, and octopi eat crabs.

I praise whoever put that in this list.

53 Lock him in a room with Christian Grey

Everyone hates Fifty Shades of Grey, even Mr. Krabs

54 Chop Off His Head and Stuff It in a Blender

Hell yeah!

55 He Gets Torn to Shreds by Wolves and Foxes

I'd love to see that.

56 Get Naruto to Unleash the Kyubey on Him and Laugh as Mr. Krabs Dies

First of all, Kyubey is Kyubi, which is Japanese for "Nine Tails." Second of all, seeing Naruto do that would make me laugh at that damn crab.

57 Force Him to Watch Frozen 900 Times

Seriously, how is that torturous to him?

58 Send Him Into Barney & Friends

Uh uh! No way! As much as I hate Mr. Krabs' guts, putting him on Barney and Friends is a bad idea. I may not love that former PBS Kids series. But at least, it's not as bad as SpongeBob SquarePants ebcause it has educational stuff whereas SBSP doesn't.

59 Make Him Go to the Middle East and Get Killed by Isis

You know? Mr. Krabs is just as bad as ISIS. But that doesn't mean I side with that terrorist group. And so, I'd like see both sides kill each other.

60 Make Light Yagami Write His Name in the Death Note

Instead of making Light do that, how about having him do that? After all, Light's better at behaving than Krabs since he has more standards.

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1. Kill Him With a Long, Very Sharp Knife
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