Best Things to Do at Night


The Top Ten

1 Watch Movies

Watching movies at night is awesome!
Unless it's a horror movie - Ajkloth

Except in my case it's sitcoms. Goodnight. - Britgirl

Drama movies!...Then I can stay up - Ananya

2 Eat Popcorn
3 Drink Sodas
4 Play Games
5 Eat Candy
6 Hang With Friends

I always hang out with my friends cause we do everything together so its like all these things combined here in list cause friends can do everything on this list so this one is better really so I would like you to vote this cause this one can do many things like eat candy that's here on the list or have a party with your friends and you are still hanging out with your friends also that's on the list so almost everything on the list friends can do with you and you are still hanging out with them

7 Have a Party
8 Watch TV

Of course - I love to watch to watch T.V at night, And I hate disturbance :/ - Ananya

9 Go to Sleep

Everybody Sleep In The Night

Not evervybody sleep in the night a lot of people sleep in the day - michaelwalton

10 Have Sex

The Contenders

11 Tell a Scary Story
12 Sleep
13 Relax
14 Masturbate
15 Talk to Your Friends
16 Workout
17 Make New Friends
18 Go On TheTopTens

Why not! - Ananya

19 Smoke Weed
20 Read a Book
21 Go for a Drive

Best time really. Roads are always quieter, lights make it easier to see cars around corners and often the ambience is a good time to put your mind at rest.

22 Listen to Music

Listening to songs with earphones in night - Probably one of the coolest things ever. - Ananya

23 Pull a Prank

That's what I do when I'm with my cousins - Ananya

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