Top Ten Things to Do In Princess Daisy's Castle

The Top Ten

1 Eat A Blizzard From Dairy Queen

Lol this would be good - trains45

I made this list for fun lol. - EpicJake

2 Steal The Castle And Upgrade It
3 Ride A Bike While Naked
4 Kick Daisy Out Of It
5 Look In Daisy's Diary
6 Make A Mess
7 Kill Everyone In It
8 Have Fun
9 Annoy Daisy

Lol good idea - trains45

One way to do so is make her look at this list. - Puga

10 Destroy The Castle

The Contenders

11 Write 'Peach Wuz Here' In Graffiti

Lol I laughed. - DaisyandRosalina

12 Vandalize the Poster of Luigi
13 Steal all of Daisy's clothes
14 Eat All the Food


15 Kidnap Daisy

Daisy would fight those kidnappers.

It would be awesome

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