Top Ten Best Things to Do In Skate 3

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The Top Ten

1 Be an aeroplane

It is funny as. You can run around with your arms out and whack people in the face. Check out the GamingLemon he did it!

2 Get in mini skater mode

You are so small in miniskater mode. just enter mini skaters as the code!

3 Get on a hoverboard

Just type in mc fly and you have wheels or trucks

4 Play Isaac Clark from Dead Space

Type in deadspacetoo and you are Isaac Clark

5 Turn on zombie mode

You write zombie as the code and the screen turns yellow and pedestrians chase you!

6 Touch an invisible car

Unlock the skeleton and do and ollie on a semi busy street and you might glide off an invisible ghost car. it is hard though!

7 Do the no legs glitch

You have to have Xbox live and multiplayer. Play with a friend. Your character has to be wearing full length pants. All you have to do is switch you characters pants to shorts and he will have no legs!

8 Jump over the shark

Jump over the massive shark. It is hard.

9 Do an ollie
10 Do a grind

Grind on a rail

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