Top Ten Things to Do In Spider-Man PS4

A new Spidey game came out few months, now a list of things you can do in the game.

The Top Ten

1 Visit New York's landmarks and Marvel-based location

For example; Daily Bugle, Empire Sate Building, Alias Investigations, Sanctum Sanctorum, Brooklyn Bridge, Avengers Tower, etc. all that you can find on the map. - TechnicallyIDoComics

2 Take photos and selfies

Sure, take a pic of nice shots of effects, make a comic outta it and take selfies while being held hostage or getting attack. - TechnicallyIDoComics

3 Take down crime

Who can ignore that when you wanna do takedowns and amazing fighting skills against crooks? - TechnicallyIDoComics

4 Do research station missions for Harry Osborn

Sure, why not? Let's study about the ozone layers, algae problems, tech problems and toxic waste disposals. - TechnicallyIDoComics

5 Collect Peter's backpacks

How many ' backpacks does Peter really need that only comes with one collection, even his stinky Midtown High gym-shirt he hasn't washed? - TechnicallyIDoComics

6 Do some web-slinging tricks

Do spider rolls, helixes, moonsaults, shooting stars and even pass through opening space for a accurate spin. - TechnicallyIDoComics

7 Play as Miles Morales and MJ on various missions

Yep, not only you play Spidey, but you can play as Miles and MJ in several missions. - TechnicallyIDoComics

8 Do some work at Otto's laboratory

Explore Otto's lab and do some work on researches and helping out on the prosthetics. - TechnicallyIDoComics

9 Change suits and use power mods

Change to a stealth suit at nighttime, armor suit against heavy enemies, play Spider-verse spider-men and even fight in underwear. They even comes with special power abilities. - TechnicallyIDoComics

That's what I mostly do in the game. - B1ueNew

10 Change the time of the day

Only after you complete the story, you can change it at one of Harry's research stations. - TechnicallyIDoComics

The Contenders

11 Reach 100% completion
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