Top 10 Things to Do to Trigger a Bad Christian

I have nothing against Christians. I'm just against bad Christians who use their own religion to do terrible things.

The Top Ten

1 Tell Them That Jesus was Homosexual

This list sounds like the Anti-CHRISTians are the bad people. These aren't things done to Christians, but outright disrespectful to Jesus. - RobertWisdom

2 Play Satanic Black Metal

This is the main use for Gorgoroth, to trigger the masses! - SoldierOfFortune

3 Show Them the Sign of the Horns
4 Take a Crucifix and Use It to Scratch Your Butt
5 Praise Nero

If you Christians don't know who Nero is, then you're literally an insult to your own people considering how you don't remember past horrors where innocent people have lost their lives.

6 Teach Them a Lesson About Evolution
7 Spray Paint a Leviathan Cross on a Church
8 Tell Them That the Only Pleasure Priests Get Out of Their Jobs Is Through Children
9 Tell Them That God Is Fake
10 Show Them Clips from The Exorcist

The Contenders

11 Say, "You Jewish?"
12 Ask Them "Who Is Jesus Christ?"
13 Tell Them That Jesus Was Arab

A brilliant way to trigger all the racist Christians. We all know now that Jesus wasn't actually white.

14 Hail Hitler
15 Worship Stalin, Mao and other dictators
16 Do a Hitler salute and say "Sieg heil"
17 Call Jesus a "Slingshot"

"Slingshot" is a racial slur used to describe Palestinians (most people probably aren't even aware of the fact that Jesus was Palestinian).

18 Call Jesus a Palestinian
19 Tell Them You're a Catholic
20 Teach Them About Pregnancy
21 Say They Care More About the Fetus Than the Baby.
22 Ask Why is Jesus White. (And God)
23 Ask Why Did Adam and Eve Have Bellybuttons
24 Ask How are the Ages of People in the Bible Possible (Noah 600 Years Old)
25 Tell Them You're an Atheist
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