Top Ten of the Best Things to Do In Utah

The Top Ten

1 Go Skiing/snowboarding

The white capped Rocky Mountains of utah is the best place to be during a winter in Utah.

2 Check Out Arches National Park.

Arches has really pretty red rocks, land formations and sand dunes.

3 See the Great Salt Lake.

One of the saltiest lakes in America.

4 Visit the Hoogle Zoo

The Hoogle zoo is a zoo in Salt Lake City it has lots of cool and interesting animals.

5 Check Out Historical Sites and See If You Can Learn Something

The bands Neon Trees and Imagine Dragons were formed in Provo, UT. You can visit Brigham Young's old homes or take a walk around temple square. There are also cool pioneer monuments to visit!

6 Timpanogos Cave

Timp Cave is up in American Fork Canyon. The cave was discovered by someone who followed a cougar into a small crack in the mountain. It is an amazing cave with cool features!

7 Get Your Sports Fan Supplies

You can get accessories from your favorite Utah sports team there's the BYU Cougars, Utah Ute's, Utah State Aggies, and more!

8 Go Hunting, Camping or White River Rafting

There are many cool wild animals to see in utah including moose, deer, elk, cougar, small rodents, and even bears!

9 Go See Waterfalls, Rivers and Lakes

There are many cool lakes, rivers, and waterfalls in the amazing state of Utah!

10 Visit Zion National Park

The Contenders

11 Lagoon
12 Visit Temple Square
13 Visit the Uintas
14 Hike Bryce Canyon
15 Visit Capitol Reef National Park
16 Visit Sand Dunes/West Desert
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