Top Ten Things To Do When You Want To Sleep


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1 Sleep

It sure is, moose4life19. Why would you want to do anything besides sleep when you just want to sleep? Let alone dance or call some friends!

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2 Watch TV

The background noise makes for a wonderful sleep... and I can listen to adult swim at the same time

3 Listen To Music

Even when I can't actually fall asleep with the headphone in my ear, it still helps me to relax. Just make sure it's relaxing slow music.

Yup. I fall asleep with fast music like country or Pop and its normal volume. I don't know how but I do

The classical music sends me away, finaly classic is useful! I like heavy metal and stuff like that but classic is just perfect for sleeping

I fall asleep to the UNDERTALE playlist... And then I wake up around the end because I hear omega flowey's terrifying laugh. Every time. -.- - SansTheComic

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4 Play Videogames

Heck yeah

5 Study
6 Nothing
7 Eat
8 Dance
9 Write

that makes me go to sleep try it just for about 5 minutes then after try to go to sleep it really does work I mean it

10 Call Some Friends

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11 Astral Projection

I love detaching my body from my spirit and floating off into the distance and looking at my solemn body from above.

12 Sing Quietly
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