Top 10 Things to Do When You're Bored

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1 Play video games

I like shooting things in Destiny for multiplayer fun or just play Zelda for single player fun.

I love playing destiny my light level is 309

I like playing video games like The Legend Of Zelda or Okami

Play rob lox

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2 Eat

*stomach rumbles* awww. I always eat when I'm bored. I'm really hungry and bored right now too :(
*goes to eat something*

Bored? Just grab a snack! It actually works! But make sure it is healthy so you will feel good about it!

I always do that when I'm bored - andres101

Great idea I love food

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3 Watch TV

Yep, I watch Rick and Morty when I'm bored. - Fireboy

Netflix has everything.

Yes I love the amazing world of gumball on CN

Watching T.V. is the only thing that I do when I'm bored. Sometimes there's nothing good on Disney Channel and CN needs to stop putting the same episodes in Teen Titans Go from the last couple days. - art2400

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4 Sleep

if youre bored and tired, sleep - moose4life19

If I am bored I will go to sleep only if it's a rainy and cold day

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5 Watch videos

I love to watch videos when I am bored but only if my laptop has battery.

Watch slime videos

Watching videos is sooo cool


6 Make top ten lists

Have a day out somewhere

Good idea

7 Watch a movie

I like tosit down with the Family and watch a movie

8 Surf the internet

I always do that when I'm bored

Poop penis boobies farts

I'm doing that right know - PeeledBanana

This is a totaly good idea

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9 Strangle someone

Totally going to to this! (NOT) laugh out loud

It's a joke people. Don't know why you're making such a big deal about it. - Icantbelieveitsnotbutter

Uh... can it be my ex-crush? - ellen791623

what! - PeeledBanana

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10 Play music on an instrument

I can be the most inspired when the most bored. Gets those hands moving and the brain disengages from the boredom. -

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11 Blog on the computer

What on earth

I'm doing that right now! lol

12 Ding dong ditch yourself

Haha yah I'll do it later

Why is this so funny lol

best thing

13 Use the restroom

I like how people fart in the toilet well pooping. it's so funny to fart all day.


14 Read a book

Reading is fun and it takes you to new and cool places though the idea doesn't sound fun it will distract you from your boredom and I'm sure you will really get into your book, it is also very educational!

Always read a book

15 Nothing

It is physically impossible to do nothing unless you're dead, because you are always breathing, blinking, and thinking. - Ku

This is imposible because even if your dead you are laying in a coffin so this is not possible.


I agree with Ku,even though I don't know you

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16 Play football

I personally love football and it really relaxes me but I can, t play all the time.

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17 Pretend your garden hose is a snake and beat it up

Yeah, this is normal. Usually, as I added to this list, I scream, "BUT I AM A COW! " And that's just how I roll. It's always fun to just do this too.

Actually, sounds kinda like fun

Go on your roof and scream CHICKENBoBByJoE

18 Yell

Haha seems a great thing to do - ARRRGGH

why not?



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19 Pretend to be a baby bird learning to fly

So you'd be bored enough to kill yourself. Nice one

Yes. I believe I can fly.



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20 Find the most unhealthy food in your pantry and eat it!

I would do this because I'm a dare devil

Food is great

I love FOOD

Just grabbing a pound of sugar and...getting diabetes. That was nice. - Icantbelieveitsnotbutter

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1. Find the most unhealthy food in your pantry and eat it!
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