Top 10 Things to Do When You're Bored

The Top Ten Things to Do When You're Bored

1 Play video games

There are two horror games in roblox I know is camping and stop it slender

I like shooting things in Destiny for multiplayer fun or just play Zelda for single player fun.

I like playing video games like The Legend Of Zelda or Okami

Number one should be going on this website doe.

2 Eat

Umm I think that you are a loser, but after all, that just my personal opinion

*stomach rumbles* awww. I always eat when I'm bored. I'm really hungry and bored right now too :(
*goes to eat something*

Bored? Just grab a snack! It actually works! But make sure it is healthy so you will feel good about it!

I always do that when I'm bored - andres101

3 Watch TV

I like the thunder mans and Henry danger

Netflix has everything.

Yep, I watch Rick and Morty when I'm bored. - Fireboy

Yes I love the amazing world of gumball on CN

4 Sleep

if youre bored and tired, sleep - moose4life19

I might just do that

I like to sleep

If I am bored I will go to sleep only if it's a rainy and cold day

5 Make top ten lists

Have a day out somewhere

Good idea

6 Strangle someone

I did this, it really helps! anybody should try, thanks for suggesting it! (this is a joke)

Totally going to to this! (NOT) laugh out loud

Well, it kinda works. Obviously. Also in jail you don't get bored as fast.

It's a joke people. Don't know why you're making such a big deal about it. - Icantbelieveitsnotbutter

7 Watch videos

I love to watch videos when I am bored but only if my laptop has battery.

Watch slime videos


Watching videos is sooo cool

8 Surf the internet

Poop penis boobies farts

I'm doing that right know - PeeledBanana

I always do that when I'm bored

This is a totaly good idea

9 Ding dong ditch yourself

Haha yah I'll do it later

Why is this so funny lol

Somebody ding donged me yesterday... ohh wait that was me

best thing

10 Play music on an instrument

Piano is one of the easiest instruments to learn! Personally I love it. Been playing for years

I can be the most inspired when the most bored. Gets those hands moving and the brain disengages from the boredom. -

I suppose this is the best thing to do because this relax your body and mind, and has no harm nor bad side effect,

Not really

The Contenders

11 Watch a movie

I like tosit down with the Family and watch a movie

Best idea

I can't wait to watch Christopher Robbin on my T.V.

12 Read a book

Reading is fun and it takes you to new and cool places though the idea doesn't sound fun it will distract you from your boredom and I'm sure you will really get into your book, it is also very educational!

Getting lost in different worlds is the absolute best

Reading needs more credit!
To the first place!

I like reading a good book. - HowToTrainYourDragonFan1001

13 Nothing

I do this all the time

This is imposible because even if your dead you are laying in a coffin so this is not possible.



14 Blog on the computer

What on earth

I'm doing that right now! lol

15 Play football

Why not just say play sports in general?

I hate football!

Football is the best sport!

I love football

16 Use the restroom

I like how people fart in the toilet well pooping. it's so funny to fart all day.


17 Pretend your garden hose is a snake and beat it up

Yeah, this is normal. Usually, as I added to this list, I scream, "BUT I AM A COW! " And that's just how I roll. It's always fun to just do this too.

Actually, sounds kinda like fun

That is the best idea I've ever heard

Go on your roof and scream CHICKENBoBByJoE

18 Find the most unhealthy food in your pantry and eat it!

I would do this because I'm a dare devil

Play a sport out side

Food is great

Ahh yeah

19 Yell

why not?

Haha seems a great thing to do - ARRRGGH



20 Thinking of ways to commit the perfect murder

Me! to do to thing perfect the like seems it because? t? ? it on perspective there see and family your with that share and most the you bothers what think just not Why

I already have

I can watch the usual suspects for inspiration. - Icantbelieveitsnotbutter

That's bad and cruel. Instead of doing that, try think of ways to commit suicide. - Zacha53

21 Make your own list on TheTopTens

How do you do that?

Become a member not smart person. *Walks away annoyed at this non thoughtful question* *Barfs in a sink because of this horrible question* Anyway go figure it out not smart person. I'm done here. I have left my mark on this world. Now time to return to pluto. Bye suckers. *Flys away*n 130000000000 light years later, *hey everyone I'm home*. Family says *we missed you so much glorga* that's right ma and pa I love you guys too.

22 Pretend to be a baby bird learning to fly

So you'd be bored enough to kill yourself. Nice one

Yes. I believe I can fly.



23 Make prank phone calls

I did that once and got caught but someone said they were going to put a bullet to my head

I prank called myself by accident LMFAO!, the funniest thing ever xD - SmoothCriminal

Seriously... Do not do this. You will end up terrible.

You could get killed for this h=just saying

24 Masturbate

Masturbate means playing with yourself. (your body parts) - Zacha53

Good idea thank you so much

Why is this not #1?

You literally have no life.

25 Have sex





26 Exercise

You might as well benefit yourself while you're bored. Lift some weights, go for a run or utilize your exercise equipment.

27 Golf Golf is a club and ball sport in which players use various clubs to hit balls into a series of holes from a range of 80 to 600 yards on a course in as few strokes as possible.


28 Juggle 3 real eggs


29 Use a bed as a trampoline

Do this all the time.


30 Write a story

Have a cool tale brewing in you head write it down maybe you can even make an entire book out of it, grab a pencil and paper or try the app called wattpad another good idea is to try writing a fan fiction about your favourite actor/actress, singer, public figure etc.

31 Draw

This one is the one I always do, but can you add more these ones I have used all of them and I don't have any more to do ;-;

I draw all the time

Drawing is very fun! I only get to do it ONCE [a week at least] AND that's IN ART CLASS AND I'm IN ELEMENTARY SCHOOL! @!

32 Hide in a cupboard

Like you can play hide and seek with your brother or sister

I think that it is dumb to hide in a cupboard!

33 Troll on Minecraft

Because trolling is life. And life is trolling.

34 Listen to music

Pick your favorite artist or album, sit back, relax, plug in your earphones and ignore the world.

35 Post On Instagram

Wite gurlz be liek

36 Order something from the something store

Now I'm fat and broke...

37 Learn foreign languages online
38 Use a ruler as a sword

I don't usually use a ruler for this, but alright. - RogerMcBaloney

39 Act like you're tough and break 2 eggs
40 Yell random phrases. MEOW!

MASJSUGYGYGLFLTGU... can someone pronounce that I don't know - Hello_Bowser64


"SHOOBA BLAH MEEP! " That was a magic spell to..uh...clean my room.

41 Hang out with friends

Most sensible thing on the list!

And drink beer. - RogerMcBaloney

42 Pretend you're spider-man

I can't STOP

43 Torture Siri

I do this ALL the time! It is really funny to say rude things and see how she reacts.

Why isn't this #1? - Zacha53

You can say random things and have funny answers

My cousins and I did this during parties. It's fun! >

44 Dance to music
45 Search random words online

I search up memes

46 Go shopping
47 Walk Around
48 Throw a ball around

I play baseball with a feom ball and a paper tal roll in my house

49 Google random things on your mind

I just did that an I google this!

50 Eat a banana while reading a rachel ray cookbook

This is what I do all the time

Stay classy

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