Top 10 Things to Do When You're Bored

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81 Ding-dong ditch a friend, and then run wildly in her front yard, like a pony
82 Stick a bunch of sour icebreakers in your mouth

Yes yes everyone in the world, except the people I care about such as my friends and my family, try this very stupid and dangerous idea. IDIOTS!

I would die, I can't even begin to imagine the face you would make from that. I wouldn't make it. People. PLEASE. Don't try this.

83 Go to Walmart and run around yelling "the British are coming, the British are coming"
84 Experiment with makeup

Try using new funky colors, applying heavier eyeliner, make a smoky eye look or try searching magazines or the Internet to see what looks people are raving about! Then you can make a tutorial on YouTube showing off you cool new look.

85 Read every single comment made on every single list of TheTopTens
86 Look up funny memes on the internet
87 Prank call someone
88 Exercise

You might as well benefit yourself while you're bored. Lift some weights, go for a run or utilize your exercise equipment.

89 Take drugs

Please don't do this people. This girl is a bad influence but don't worry ill tell the police she does drugs in her spare time.

90 Go on

Well one time I went on bored and it went crazy and horrible I don't recommen this to anyone IT IS SO BAD don't TRY IT

91 Pretend you're a cat
92 Jog
93 Talk on the phone
94 Go insane
95 Walk in robotical movements up and down your street
96 Try to swallow your tongue

this is (strangely) possible! but u will die!

97 Blink your eyes crazily and then close your eyes

when you close ur eyes, its awesome -- a light show apperares -- with bueatiful colors!

98 Make up a new word
99 Search random words online
100 Make a website
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3. Read a book
1. Nothing
2. Use the restroom
3. Write rubbish
1. Find the most unhealthy food in your pantry and eat it!
2. Ding dong ditch yourself
3. Make prank phone calls

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