Top 10 Things to Do When You're Bored

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101 Go party
102 Where a hockey mask and sing christmas carols in a deep voice V 1 Comment
103 Go to a hotel
104 Jump on your trampoline

This is always good fun. If you know how to do some flips or tricks that's even better.

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105 Climb a tree

Unless if you live in New York City, there is bound to be a good climbing tree somewhere around your yard or neighborhood. Grab a snack, book or music, find a good branch to sit on and relax.

106 Listen to music

Pick your favorite artist or album, sit back, relax, plug in your earphones and ignore the world.

107 Make a butt
108 Fart on your neighbors front porch
109 Buy candy
110 Fart
111 Make Fake Pokémon Cards on
112 Open and close a door
113 Go on a bike ride

Sometimes when I need to clear my head after a long day I'm like "if Morgana can t notice a sorcerer three feet in front of her than you can do something active! " (That was for those of you who watch Merlin). Bike riding is such a stress reliever

114 Run

Go on a runner's high. Knock yourself out.

115 Talk on the phone
116 Walk in robotical movements up and down your street
117 Try to swallow your tongue

this is (strangely) possible! but u will die!

118 Blink your eyes crazily and then close your eyes

when you close ur eyes, its awesome -- a light show apperares -- with bueatiful colors!

119 Search random words online
120 Make a website
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