Top 10 Things to Do When You're Bored

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101 Steal a tomato from the garden without getting caught
102 Take a dump
103 Run around the house saying you're chasing the penguin
104 Interview a cloud
105 Apply for a unicorn license
106 Write down random things on paper a throw the paper at people
107 Go to Yahoo! Answers
108 Fall down stairs on purpose
109 Yell at the door saying "no dragon, I said take the other door!"
110 Crawl around acting like a cow
111 Randomly laugh at 12:57 and exactly at 12:58 stop and act like nothing happened
112 Arts and crafts

Not everyone is artsy and creative but that is OK! If you are then try making DIY (do it yourself) crafts (ex plastic bottle chandelier, painting, banners, cork boards, or flower vases) try looking up cool DIY projects in your google search engine.

113 Throw a party or host a social event

Maybe invite a few of you friends over to have a video game competition, a fashion show, a sleepover, or a party for a holiday or special event ( even like a party to celebrate you getting your braces off) you can get fun games and cool decorations and have a blast with your pals!

114 Educate yourself

Try teaching yourself a new skill like how to draw, how to cook, how to play guitar, how to sing, how to swim, how to apply eyeliner, the possibilities are endless so break out those instruments, dancing shoes, or pencil and paper and get to work!

I love to do this. There's a lot out there that's interesting, why leave it? - PositronWildhawk

No! PositronWildhawk wants to educate himself! I'm in total shock! - Britgirl

115 Write a story

Have a cool tale brewing in you head write it down maybe you can even make an entire book out of it, grab a pencil and paper or try the app called wattpad another good idea is to try writing a fan fiction about your favourite actor/actress, singer, public figure etc.

116 Start a garden

It OK if you don't have a green thumb gardens are still fun you can buy some fertilizer, a hose, a rake, a shovel, a gardening hoe, watering can, and some seeds and get a-planting!

117 Talk to yourself in an elevator
118 Go party
119 Where a hockey mask and sing christmas carols in a deep voice V 1 Comment
120 Go to a hotel
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