Top Ten Things to Do When Disney Channel, Nickelodeon, and Cartoon Network Make Another Bad Show


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1 Start a riot and complain about it to the studio(s)

Sound like the most fun - donovanthorn

That's messed up! - Frouze

Um... why give so much heat to CN?

Remove Cartoon Network from the name of this list.

After all, they are a perfect kids channel compared to Dicksney and Necrophilodeon - Ededdneddyfanredux

2 Start a petition to end the show

1 star review for TTG
And a 3737382892 star review for TAWOG
And a 666666666666666 star review for WBB

3 Don't watch it

The less people that watch it, the better received the message that they need to try harder.

This should be number 1 - anonygirl

If people don't watch it, it will get cancelled due to low ratings

I recommend that - Neonco31

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4 Rant about it


Teen Titans GO!, More like Bizzaro Titans STOP!, .

I hate this show and it has horrible jokes.

Do you know who likes this show, My sister, She will keep this show forever.

Do you know who hates this show, Me, I wish I can cancelled this show.

Teen Titans GO! sucks and so does Secret Mountain Fort Awesome.

Teen Titans is better.

5 Make a list about why is this show bad
6 Force your enemy to watch it
7 Delete the channel
8 Break into the studios
9 Throw something at the TV whenever it comes on
10 Draw parody art of the show's characters getting killed

Then send it to Disney - CamAsff

Yes! - Neonco31

HA! This is GENIUS!

I'll draw a comic strip where my OC (patent pending) will kill all of the TTG cast. - mattstat716

The Contenders

11 Write a negative review on a website like IMDB or Common Sense Media

Give it a -99/10 on IMDB - Neonco31

Characters have bad design and horrible quicktime plots.

12 Phone the cops

Arrested for making a VERY VERY BAD show! - Neonco31

13 Change the Channel
14 Challenge the plot writer to a boxing match

I'd definitely have the guts to do this. - drdevil

I'm only in middle school - Nateawesomeness

15 Frame the creators to get them arrested
16 Move On and Deal With It Like a Man!
17 Remember the truly amazing shows like Rocko's Modern Life

More like watch them, when ttg came out I rewatched and watched teen titans, when Ben 10 announced a reboot I decided to start watching it

18 Realize You're Outgrowing Those Channels
19 Compare It to the Good Show V 2 Comments
20 Write an FAQ with reasons why the show is bad
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1. Break into the studios
2. Force your enemy to watch it
3. Start a riot and complain about it to the studio(s)
1. Don't watch it
2. Change the Channel
3. Delete the channel
1. Start a riot and complain about it to the studio(s)
2. Rant about it
3. Start a petition to end the show

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