Top Ten Things to Do When Disney Channel, Nickelodeon, and Cartoon Network Make Another Bad Show

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1 Don't watch it

True. Your not forced to watch it.

The less viewers, the lower the ratings. The lower the ratings, the faster the cancellation. - AliciaMae

The less people that watch it, the better received the message that they need to try harder.

This should be number 1 - anonygirl

2 Change the channel
3 Ignore it and move on

Actually, this might work. Instead of complaining about it and have hate base, maybe we should stop watching it and it will eventally go away. It's hard, but it might work with a little of self-control.

That doesn't help, it only makes things worse.

4 Move on and deal with it
5 Start a riot and complain about it to the studio(s)

I want to nickelodeon to make a cartoon about bell, the jack rachel puppy

Sound like the most fun - donovanthorn

That's messed up! - Frouze

Um... why give so much heat to CN?

Remove Cartoon Network from the name of this list.

After all, they are a perfect kids channel compared to Dicksney and Necrophilodeon - Ededdneddyfanredux

6 Start a petition to end the show

1 star review for TTG
And a 3737382892 star review for TAWOG
And a 666666666666666 star review for WBB

7 Draw parody art of the show's characters getting killed

No. Fanart like this and horrible porn pictures of cartoon characters need to stop

Then send it to Disney - CamAsff

Yes! - Neonco31

HA! This is GENIUS!

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8 Realize you're outgrowing those channels
9 Rant about it


Teen Titans GO!, More like Bizzaro Titans STOP!, .

I hate this show and it has horrible jokes.

Do you know who likes this show, My sister, She will keep this show forever.

Do you know who hates this show, Me, I wish I can cancelled this show.

Teen Titans GO! sucks and so does Secret Mountain Fort Awesome.

Teen Titans is better.

10 Delete the channel

The Contenders

11 Make a list about why is this show bad
12 Compare it to the good show

Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi = <3 Grojband =...-.-... - Gehenna

Spongebob and FOP > Sanjay and Craig and Breadwinners. - Neonco31

Rocko modern life > Breadwinner
Teen titian > teen titian go
The Fairly OddParents > fishy hook
Rugrat > mr meaty
That's all > jesse

13 Write a negative review on a website like IMDB or Common Sense Media

One of the few things I would actually do. - AliciaMae

Give it a -99/10 on IMDB - Neonco31

Characters have bad design and horrible quicktime plots.

14 Throw something at the TV whenever it comes on

I would happily do that if one more Fortnite reference appears on any film, television show or advert for anything else.

15 Phone the cops

Arrested for making a VERY VERY BAD show! - Neonco31


16 Kill the people behind it

Do you realize that killing would still be a crime? - Qryzx

Lol this is hilarious! - Nateawesomeness

No That's bad - Neonco31

17 Force your enemy to watch it

What if they like the show? - AliciaMae

18 Remember the truly amazing shows like Rocko's Modern Life

More like watch them, when ttg came out I rewatched and watched teen titans, when Ben 10 announced a reboot I decided to start watching it

19 Go to the Moon
20 Write an FAQ with reasons why the show is bad
21 Challenge the plot writer to a boxing match

I'd definitely have the guts to do this.

I'm only in middle school - Nateawesomeness

22 Riot
23 Commit suicide

Heck no! - Neonco31

24 Create your own cartoon or kids' show
25 Beat up the lover of the show


26 Make a fanfic of the show

Like "Pigfight", a High School Musical and Sam & Cat crossover whereas Troy Bolton and Cat Valentine fight each other like furious bears.

27 Go to heaven
28 Frame the creators to get them arrested
29 Break into the studios
30 Scream

Lol. I'd do this. - BlueTopazIceVanilla

31 Go on a cartoon strike
32 Wish Paris Berelc was in it
33 Force them to make it a better show
34 Play Daytona USA and sing along to its songs
35 Nuke the studio
36 Make a YouTube video about remembering the great old shows with country music



37 Eat nails for breakfast without any milk

SpongeBob reference. - Qryzx

38 Set the studio on fire
39 Make fan fictions of the show
40 Go insane
41 Turn off the TV
42 Tell Bane to break them all
43 Compare a really bad show with a really good show
44 Watch Loud House
45 Talk to their company
46 Go a whole episode without slamming your head
47 Cancel it
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