Best Things to Do When Insulted


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1 Insult back

"Squall is overrated" Yeah you're off subject

Squall is overrated - WendyIsQueen

Yeah those VI fans get on my nerves they're so mean

Wendy O. Koopa Takes Drugs - ToadF1

2 Block
3 Ignore

Squall>A trash can>Overrated Wendy

Yeah just ignore the person who says Squall is overrated.

4 Laugh

Yes... - ToadF1

5 Try not to get your feelings hurt
6 Respond with a :)
7 Annoy them till they stop
8 Change the subject

Splatoon Inklings > a Rock > Cheese > Garbage > Dirt > Sand > SJW > & Knuckles >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Wendy O. Koopa - ToadF1

9 Don't commit suicide

Why don't you take your seat? - yunafreya648

You're not logged in either so have several seats hun

This should be first you insensitive user

At least I'm not trolling this user because she dislikes FFVI fans. You can take a seat.

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10 Report them

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11 Try and get rid of the person insulting you by making a ton of negative lists about their Favourite Characters
12 Give them a taste of their own medicine
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