Best Things to Do When Justin Bieber Quits Music


The Top Ten

1 Say Hallelujah 100 Times

Draconic+ That's what I'll do if that happens! LOL! - Draconic1000

2 Lay down on your bed and smile peacefully

Justin beiber hate is still a thing?... - Teravolt1422

3 Sing "Yeah!" of Usher
4 Get your head out of your window and yell that JB quit and that you're excited
5 Cry with joy
6 Scream "Hell, yes!" when entering school
7 Telling your sister that JB quit and show her the evidence after recording it
8 Sing "Happy"
9 Pinch yourself twelve times to check if it's all a dream
10 Sneakily burn your sister's Justin Bieber albums with wood and fire

The Contenders

11 Celebrate

This is what I would do, so I added it - KingSlayer93316

12 Sing No Tears Left to Cry by Ariana Grande
13 Party
14 Thank the lord via prayer
15 Sing Celebration by Kool in the Gang
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