Best Things to Do When Justin Bieber Quits Music

The Top Ten

1 Say Hallelujah 100 Times

Draconic+ That's what I'll do if that happens! LOL! - Draconic1000

2 Lay down on your bed and smile peacefully

Justin beiber hate is still a thing?... - Teravolt1422

3 Sing "Yeah!" of Usher
4 Get your head out of your window and yell that JB quit and that you're excited
5 Cry with joy
6 Scream "Hell, yes!" when entering school
7 Telling your sister that JB quit and show her the evidence after recording it
8 Sing "Happy"
9 Pinch yourself twelve times to check if it's all a dream
10 Sneakily burn your sister's Justin Bieber albums with wood and fire

The Contenders

11 Celebrate

This is what I would do, so I added it - KingSlayer93316

12 Sing No Tears Left to Cry by Ariana Grande
13 Party
14 Thank the lord via prayer
15 Sing Celebration by Kool in the Gang
16 Sing We Are The Champions by Queen
17 Sing Best Day of My Life by American Authors
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