Top Ten Things to Do When No One Talks to You In a Gathering

The Top Ten

1 Look here and there
2 Open your cell phone without any reason (time and time again)

I did this when two of my friends were ignoring me at an Easter party. And that’s a big deal considering that I hate it when people are on their phones when they are surrounded by other people they know.

I do this ALL THE TIME

I've been in this awkward position. I'd put my phone to my ear, pretending that I've just received an important call, looking all smug at everyone...and the phone HAS RUNG IN MY EAR! Oh, the shame! - Britgirl

I've done this a lot. I turn on my Samsung and think, "one way to entertain myself", and then I can't think of anything. - PositronWildhawk

3 Play with your hands
4 Think no one understands you
5 Sing your favourite song in your heart
6 Say to your heart "I don't need any one"
7 Say I am alone
8 Think the successful people were also lonely
9 Think the rest are freaks
10 Do nothing

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11 Listen to music on your earphones
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