Top 10 Things to Do When Teen Titans Go is Cancelled

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1 Praise the Lord

If there was such a thing as a merciful God, He would have destroyed Teen Titans Go way before now. - Phenenas

Voted for this because its true

Good reason to go back to church... - Mcgillacuddy


2 Do the Waltz With Your TV

Why are there so many lists about teen titans go? Yes it's a bad show, but there are shows much worse. - nintendofan126

I'd literally do this. I just wish that I can convince my brother to stay away from that show In a way that won't sound like opinion disrespecting...Maybe show him a better show or something. But when I do, I'd waltz in front of my T.V. or do my victory dance - MLPFan


3 Sing

I sing to myself quite a bit anyways. - LemonComputer

4 Throw a Party

Time to celebrate the fact that that garbage will never show up on my T.V. again!

*Puts on Everybody Dance Now* - Catacorn

Yeah! A party to celebrate! - MLPFan

I'm totally gonna have an epic party! That is, unless Unikitty takes TTG's place.

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5 Scream Joyfully
6 Cry Tears of Joy


7 Do a Bad Thing to a Picture of the Toddler Titans

I'd do this - MLPFan

8 Watch Steven Universe

Wear a Steven Universe t-shirt and make some cookie cats while doing so, in joy!

Yay,new episodes of steven universe.

I would already be watching it if I can because it's never on T.V. only TTG plays and @TeenTitansGoSucks I love your name, profile pic and taste

9 Dance by Yourself or With a Friend
10 Watch The Amazing World of Gumball

Yes! Time to watch something that's ACTUALLY funny!

It's the only thing on CN that actually makes me LAUGH!

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11 Have a Celebratory Drink/Meal
12 Play an Instrument Crazily

Or I could just play my violin normally, it's basically the same thing. - Merilille

Or you can rock and roll as loud as you would wake up your neighbors

13 Dance to Silento's "Watch Me (Whip/Nae Nae)"

I did it once when everyone started hating SpongeBob yay

I wouldn't - mayamanga

No, just no. - LemonComputer

14 Picture the Toddler Titans Burning in Hell

It sounds unpleasant, but when you're forced to listen to those awful sounds, you'd understand.

EXACTLY! I imagine them burn in lava and getting eating by sharks HAHA!

Sans:It's a beautiful day outside the birds are singing the flowers are blooming on days like this shows like you should be burning in hell.

15 Watch Be Cool, Scooby Doo!

The Scooby Doo gang are much better than the toddler titans

This show is bad! Watch Steven universe or Gumball instead.

At least new Scooby Doo is better - BorisRule

I love the new Scooby-Doo show! This is a reboot done right!

16 Run out into the street celebrating
17 Dance to the song 'We are the champion' by Queen
18 Dab on Em

Dabbing is CANCER. - LemonComputer

19 Watch Star Vs. The Forces Of Evil

SVTFOE is way better than Toddler Titans, Star Butterfly can defeat all of them with a single spell from her wand.

My most favorite Disney show

Yeah Star vs the forces of evil is the best
Star butterfly is more cuter than the toddler titans
And svtfoe is better than gravity falls,Tom and jerry,little bill,teen titans go and peg + cat

20 Bring back the original Teen Titans

It's already brought back - Jay12

21 Cry for No Reason

I'd be crying...crying tears of joy!

22 Watch TMNT

Yess! TMNT is way better than toddler titans no! ESPECIALLY when they beat them up in truth justice and what! THIS SHOW DESERVES TO BURN IN HELL RIGHT SANS!

23 Watch Billy and Mandy

That's exactly what I'd do! That show is so much more funnier!

24 Watch Gravity Falls

A show that follows it's plot,ended in a great way,has a balance between drama,mystery and humour,way better then Toddler Titans.

25 Blame Justin Bieber

Because he loves TTG - BorisRule

26 Create a holiday about cancelling TTG
27 Do the Whip
28 Party All Day and Night

I hate teen toddlers no!

I'd play my 2DS.

29 Watch The Original Teen Titans
30 Watch The Muppet Show

The Muppets are so much better than stupid Teen Titans Go.

31 Watch Sonic Boom

One of the only decent shows these days that still are airing.

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32 Cry and Scream In Pain

I'd cry and scream in happiness.


33 Watch Ed, Edd N Eddy
34 Take Out the Trash

Oh wait! It's already been taken out.

35 Scream No

Why? Who likes this pathetic excuse of a show? If you can call it a show. More like torture...

Well, if it tortures you, then it must not be pathetic since it's actually good at torturing you...

36 Tell Cartoon Network to reboot the original Teen Titans, and not to mess it up
37 Eat Ice Cream
38 Sit on Private Parts
39 Kill The Creators Of The Show
40 Play Rock Music
41 Watch A Good Show
42 Have a Gigantic Bonfire of Effigies of the TTG Characters
43 Eat Your Toes
44 Eat A Full Bag Of Onions
45 Clap
46 Play Video Games
47 Watch The Loud House

Because that show is way better and its awesome. - Goatworlds

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