Top 10 Things to Do When You Have No List Ideas

The Top Ten

1 Make a list about how you have no ideas

I have plenty ideas, but I can't find 10 items for them - SpectralOwl

And that's what you...OH GOD, SUCH A CLEVER girl. - PhenomentalOne

2 Blame it on lovefrombadlands

Because she took them all? I don't think so. - PhenomentalOne

3 Make a post instead
4 Make comments
5 Go on other people’s list and see if you can get inspiration
6 Take a break from TheTopTens and see if you get list ideas
7 Listen to your favorite song

Awesome! Why not mop the floor while you're at it? - PhenomentalOne

He is a really good rapper - Ginger

8 Ask your friend for list ideas

I don't think this could work because wouldn't your friends use ideas for lists themselves? - PhenomentalOne

I knew you would say that. But...why not promote the site instead? Tell your friends about this site, let them check it out, and if they like it, they'll add their own lists (Now, all of this is only possible if YOU yourself like this site). - PhenomentalOne

9 Publish and complete one of your old bad list drafts
10 Complete your unfinished list drafts

The Contenders

11 Turn off your computer and get a life
12 Think about things that happened to you and see if you get list ideas

Pretty sure there are lists concerning every human experience ever. - PhenomentalOne

13 Make remixes
14 Watch funny videos
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