Top Ten Things to Do When You See Something Scary

If you see things like creepypastas, bugs, spiders, horror movies, clowns, and all those other stuff. Then you got too find a way to get rid of them quickly before you get nightmares. So here it is my top 10 things to do when you see something scary.

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1 Watch Funny Videos

Have you ever wanted to laugh instead of being scared all the time? Well this is for you. Watch a baby fart and you will not be afraid anymore.

It helps me a little and gets my scares away and forget about it. - pandagirl512

It always works for me

When I finish any scary movies I watch spong bob

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2 Take a Nap to Not Remember It All

What if you have a nightmare? - BorisRule

Yea if you take a nap before nighttime maybe you might have a chance to not remember it all.


Yh this works I also put the blankets over my head - Lee2cool

3 Listen to Some Calm Music

Can't do this. I listen go metal

Listening to calm music, such ass piano or upside down by Jack Johnson. This will work! :D - PewDiePie

Yea I was singing but a little boy with a sweet voice was singing behind me...

A bit of ambient will definitely work. - PositronWildhawk

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4 Watch a Little Kid Show

The Backyardigans - Ilovestephanie

Kudos to this one. I'd say watch funny videos, but honestly, there's only so much YouTube I can take after I've watched a horror movie. Little kid shows remind you that there's a more naive, innocent, happy world out there that you can jump into whenever you want to.

Good for css copper good I like this

Again it sucks but gets the scary out of you so don't complain.

5 Sing a Little Kid's Song

Just be like God is bigger than the boogy man.

Justin bieber WHERE YOU LIVE

I know its embarrising but it will also not make you creeped out so go ahead and try.

6 Pretend You Did Not See It

Yeah but it mostly doesn't work

Yes I know its a bad idea but if you pretended enough you will not even notice it.

7 See Cute Pictures of Kittens and Puppies

Pewdiepie got scared so bad he had to look up kittens

Yes you all know this was going to be number 1 but at least you wil get cuteness of those adorable creatures in your mind instead of creepy stuff.

8 Watch My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic

Yea I know its for little girls but at least it takes the scary away from you. This show may be bad but its cute so you don't have to deal with anything scary.

There's a creepypasta about this! It's not scary though, just gruesome and somewhat gross. Cupcakes. - Pikachulover1

This is one of my favorite shows!

I'm a big brony and after watching a screamer, I watched the CupCakes viseo by mistake D=

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9 Watch Spongebob

Who could focus on something scary, when Patrick asks if mayonnaise is an instrument?!

It always makes me feel better after a scary movie.

Would normally work but doesn't work at all if squidwards suicide is the thing scaring you

This wouldn't help me at all.

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10 Go to a Wedding

If you notice someone or he/she invited you then you will cry and cheer to get the scary out of your mind. Well that's it I hope this list helps you. And I hope you will not have nightmares tonight. And don't forget to vote so bye.

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11 See Another Something Scary

How would that work? - Jackhammer619

12 Watch a cheesy horror movie

The bye bye man for example - Userguy44

13 Scream at the Top of Your Lungs

It helps for me

Do it on hypno's luablly it works

14 Have Sex


15 Commit Suicide Commit Suicide

This helps with every thing


Make sure it is successful or you would still see the scariness!

16 Think of something funny or sing a song in you head
17 Play Games
18 Make Fun of It

Come on, it can't be THAT scary. If it is, just make fun of it.

19 Bake Cookies
20 Recite the Holy Quran or Bible

Yea. God is scarier than a spider (thankfully). - Miauzer

Listen to and recite the words of God. If you really believe in God,bible,religion,and profits,I promise you'll start being scarier and more powerful than what you just saw.

21 Run Away
22 Run

I would run. I couldn't stay there in the same area where I saw the scary thing honestly. Nobody would sit there you can't tell yourself you didn't see it. It scared you and you will always remember it.

Running is always the first thing that pops into my mind. Running is something you can do when your in danger. Try to get them off balance and, RUN!

WHO ON EARTH BUT RUN ON THERE? That's my list and I did not put run on there. And why is go to a wedding on number 11? Its suppose to be on number 10. Someone please fix my list.

Niggers get out of wherever you saw that scary thing, even if it is on your pc smash it until the demons are taken with it.

23 Sing a Song
24 Attempt to Dance to Hatsune Miku Songs
25 Hang Out with Friends

Friends are always people you can relate and trust! You'll forget about the scary thing in no time!

26 Watch a kid movie with Jumpscares
27 Watch Porn

Works every time

28 Paint
29 Masturbate


30 Read a Book

An activity such as reading distracts your mind from something you have seen that it scary. Works every time for me.

31 Eat Spicy Food, and Chocolate
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