Top 10 Things to Do When You're Bored On the Internet

The Top Ten

1 Look for the Newest Lists On TheTopTens

That's what I do at school when the teacher looks away. - Pegasister12

I am part of the online community The Top Tens. - MasterLink

The new lists are so good!

2 Look for Your Favourite YouTube Channel
3 Message a TopTenner

This is what I do when I'm bored - Martinglez

4 Play an Internet Game
5 Look at Your Facebook Account
6 Google Your Name and Surnames
7 Look for Lists On TheTopTens
8 Look for Your Favourite Website

YouTube is one of my favorites

9 Look at Your Twitter Account
10 Read Porny Fanfiction

The Contenders

11 Watch YouTube Videos
12 Go on Instagram
13 Do Homework
14 Photoshop
15 Buy Something Off Ebay or Amazon
16 Email
17 Look at Pictures
18 Scary Maze Game
19 Challenge Videos
20 Make Reaction Videos
21 Go on
22 Go on Secrets Anon
23 Go on
24 Order Food Online
25 Shop Online
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