Top Ten Best Things to Do When You're Bored

Are you bored? Here are some things to do when you need them most!

The Top Ten

1 Sleep

Got a problem? Sleep on it! Bored? Sleep on it! - The_Violist

2 Eat Food

Haha, I do this anyway 24/7! Its not healthy but I eat food when I am bored. - The_Violist

3 Read "My Immortal" By Tara Gilesbie

Hilarious fanfic entitled - The_Violist

4 Watch YouTube
5 Make A Top Ten List

This is the method I like to use. Works every time. - Gg2000

DUH! There's this wonderful sight you might not have heard about, called I joined recently. Try it out! - The_Violist

6 Watch TV

Because we have nothing better to do"wait, number 6 is better. - The_Violist

7 Read Darwin Awards Stories/Cases

This always works for me because it's extremely funny. The best option is to find the books by Wendy Northcutt (9-10 books). But in the meantime, you can visit my list "Top 10 Most Mind-Boggling Darwin Awards Cases". Yeah, I Iove this so much that I made a list with some of the best examples. - Metal_Treasure

8 Hang Out With Your Friends

:3 Actually, I go with my friend somewhere and we text each other the whole time. - The_Violist

9 Go On Your Phone/Use An Electronic

Should be #1

Don't you dare say you aren't right now. - The_Violist

10 Text Your Friends

Because they may be bored and it could lead up to #9! - The_Violist

The Contenders

11 Work Out
12 Take a Walk
13 Go To Disney World

Unfortunately I live in Pennsylvania

This place is the right place to go to if you're bored

14 Play Games
15 Daydream

Try to daydream abaut a SHOW

16 Braid Hair

Perfect! Why didn't I think of this!? I love braiding hair. The only thing is I don't know how to braid hair. :3 ~Mistyrain

17 Buy Stuff


18 Think About Your Life

Haha, if I do this, I'll just get depressed. - The_Violist

19 Listen to Music
20 Masturbate
21 Listen to the most annoying pop music right before you listen to metal music
22 Poop
23 Draw
24 Make YouTube Poop
25 Make a photo album of your favorite character

very fun!

26 Read a Comic Book
27 Try to Fit in the Fridge
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1. Read Darwin Awards Stories/Cases
2. Sleep
3. Hang Out With Your Friends
1. Read "My Immortal" By Tara Gilesbie
2. Sleep
3. Eat Food


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