Top Ten Things to Do When You're Having a Bad Day

Bad days, like us, come in all shapes and sizes, for all reasons. Not everything works for every problems, but there are a few things that at the very least can’t hurt anything, either. This list is for healthy, encouraging things that can be done to alleviate a bad day, not for negativity, or aggressive behaviors to exacerbate your mood or situation.

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1 Count your blessings

Nothing makes me feel better faster than thinking of everything I DO have, and how much worse it Could have been. We are given SO much, that sometimes the simple act of acknowledging how much we have can banish the bad, or at least put it into perspective, and perspective is half of it, almost always. Things are almost always never as bad as they seem.

It's hard to feel bad for yourself when you are thinking about all the things/people/blessings you have in your life. Especially if you can put yourself in some else's shoes who has it worse than you. It's also hard to feel bad for yourself when you consider how bad other people have it.

It puts things into perspective. I am so so fortunate, and whenever I'm down, I really try to remember. Thank you Lord! =)

Let's see... The only blessing I have is money and Internet and money pays for Internet and I'm getting cyberbullied...

2 Listen to some music

Music is how I express myself. A lot of people think I'm mental or something because I listen to screamo and metal, but it means a lot to me. Music is my life, and it's saved it too.

Listening to music is probably the best way to relax and put your mind off your problems. In a good way, music has became my life.

Music has turned into most of my character lately. Whatever music I listen to on certain days makes my mood obvious.

I once hated life, I turned on some of Queen, The Beatles, Led Zepplin, Pink Floyd, Bach, Mozart and Beethoven. I felt better and I felt my life had actually found a path.


3 Tell yourself "I never give up and I am awesome"

I just try to remember all of my strong points, the people who have complimented me, and the positivity I receive. Its not good to base everything off of what other people think, but it does remind me that the world likes me, and maybe more than I actually like myself.

I often repeat positive messages to myself and think about good things that people have said about me. Even the simplest "You're a great guy" can be powerful.

Doesn't work anymore after you've used it too often

The I'm awesome part seems a little arrogant.

4 Drink more water

I know this sounds like it has nothing to do with your bad day, but drinking H20 makes everything in your body function better. It flushes out toxins, helps your brain function, makes you less tired, and can make you look better, because dehydrated skin is unhappy skin, and when you look better, you feel better. Also, I know that when I get really upset, or I’m crying, a get horrible headaches. Water can help with these, too.

5 Take some deep breaths

Though this doesn’t always help me, it at least reminds me to breathe. Sometimes when I’m really angry, or really upset, I tend to hold my breath a little, or breathe shallowly, and your brain can’t function properly without oxygen. If meditation is your thing, go for it, it certainly can't hurt anything.

6 Watch YouTube
7 Punch your punching bag

Or that loser on public transportation who annoys you

I would so do that if I had one

8 Try to stop and think things through

Another really difficult thing when times are trying, but if you can break down exactly why you’re mad, or sad, or depressed, or upset, that can go a long way towards a solution. Then, once your mind is clear and the problem is identified, a course of action can be decided upon. Not always possible, and almost never easy, but perhaps helpful. Often I find that once I really sit and think things through, I'M the problem, my attitude or my view of the situation. Not always, but sometimes.

9 Get some exercise

Getting up and moving gets everything going, it releases bad energy, and fills you with endorphins. “Exercise gives you endorphins, endorphins make you happy, happy people just don't shoot their husbands, they just don't”.

10 Scream like a madman

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11 Confront your issue

Whether it is a person, an object, or an idea, sometimes, but not always, confronting the situation head on takes care of it faster. Sometimes we sit and stew over nothing, or build mountains out of molehills, because we are too afraid of the confrontation. Sometimes not confronting things makes them fester, until it ends up being worse when it comes out than when it started. Often times it clarifies, things, and when you can see someone else's side of the story, even better.

Talk to a person. It will make you feel better. And also take some deep breaths.

The best way to solve a problem.

Are you part of the problem? OR ARE YOU THE SOLUTION?

12 Spend time with loved ones

We are given friends and family for a reason. Some of the many reasons is for a shoulder to cry on, or an ear to vent to, or some good advice. A good friend or family member will be able to provide all those things.

Great way to leave stress

13 Read a book

Might as well delve into another world if I'm sick of this one, right?

14 Sleep
15 Watch TV
16 Eat pizza
17 Pet your dog

One of the many great things about dogs is their ability to calm you down. They actually lower your blood pressure. Besides, who can be mad when you have an adorable, loving face staring up at you, or a big kiss to the face. Dogs are truly mans best friend, so if your problem is a friend, turn to a dog. Heck, borrow someone’s dog if you have to, maybe take them for a walk, then you get your exercise, and the love of a dog, which is the best love around.

Not to forget play fetch and all that. What I like to do with my dog is throw him into a pillow (don't worry, he's small and he never gets hurt) and speak gibberish to him. It's great to do, no matter what mood I'm in.

Dog and any pets are such a very great companion towards humans, even though tough times.

18 Have a good cry

Crying is an cycle of me feeling bad, and then recovering, and then remembering why I cried, and crying again. But somehow, it makes me feel better.

Crying leaves you exhausted and the result is undisturbed sleep. Things always seem better the morning after the stressful night before.

I need this. I'm exhausted I only had 6 1/2 hours of sleep and now, what I saw on my Private messages...

I almost never do this when I'm having a bad day, but I guess it's not bad.

19 Masturbate

I don't need any excuses to do this

20 Use a stress ball
21 Go for a drive

Sometimes just getting away and out of the situation can lead to clarity and peace. Sometimes a change of scenery can change how you see things, and can shed light on your situation. Sometimes taking a drive makes you realize how great where you were really was… Whatever the case, going for a drive, and cranking up some uplifting tunes can change your attitude.

22 Throw stuff

I always throw stuff when I am hostile.

23 Go out to eat
24 Spend time with your parents

I'm 9 so it's easy for me and if your an adult drive to parents tell them your having a bad day and spend time with them

25 Listen to Britgirl
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