Top Ten Things to Do When You're Having a Bad Day

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21 Go for a drive
22 Throw stuff

I always throw stuff when I am hostile. - RockFashionista

23 Go out to eat
24 Spend time with your parents

I'm 9 so it's easy for me and if your an adult drive to parents tell them your having a bad day and spend time with them - Ihaskitty1234

25 Listen to Britgirl
26 Have A Walk In The Rain

Whats better then getting soaked and wet on a bad day

27 Play Video Games
28 Eat ice cream
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1. Tell yourself "I never give up and I am awesome"
2. Watch YouTube
3. Punch your punching bag
1. Take some deep breaths
2. Try to stop and think things through
3. Spend time with loved ones
1. Listen to some music
2. Eat pizza
3. Watch TV



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