Top 10 Things to Do While in Quarantine

In many places in America, we are now in mandatory house quarantine for the next couple weeks so it looks like a good time for a list of things to do while stuck in the house.

The Top Ten

1 Read a Book

one of the oldest forms of entertainment and wit so much options in so many different genres why not give it a try

I've read almost all my dystopian books since February.

2 Sleep

Sleep is like a time machine that can make quarantine feel shorter

For those that are constantly working it is the perfect time to get the much needed rest you have needed

What I do anyway.


3 Use Skype

Just because we are stuck in isolation doesn't mean we can't talk with friends with a form of facetime

I've been using Discord to keep up with friends recently

My violin lessons are on Skype

4 Clean

This is the perfect time to clean up and organize your home, room, or apt

They say cleaning makes the heart fonder

That's what my family is doing now!

I clean my room every day

5 Play Games

If your mom keeps nagging you to stop playing video games and go outside, use this as an excuse.

Whether it be video games, board games, or puzzles this is a productive way to keep entertained that will at least give your brain some exorcise

I have been playing Five Nights at Freddy’s a lot

6 At Home Workout

Just because we can't go to the gym anymore (though I'm sure there are still people that do) doesn't mean you can't work out, your bored anyways the perfect time to devote an hour to doing push ups, crunches, squats, etc

I have a 40-pound dumbbell and lifting that thing is like lifting Mjolnir

7 Watch YouTube

There is always random entertainment to be found on youtube

YouTube animation has been the best thing I discovered during lockdown. Highly recommend Somethingelseyt!

I like to watch GoAnimate and pop culture vids

8 Watch Movies

I usually watch movies at the night, and that's why I end up sleeping at 4 am.

whether it be old VHSs your parents have, DVD that have been collected or streaming this is an easy way to kill about 90 minutes-2 hours at a time

I just saw Parasite. It’s one of the best movies ever!

9 Watch TV Shows

With not being able to work it is the perfect time to catch up with all the TV shows you have fell behind on or check out the shows you weren't sure about

I mean, that's what most of us do even if there's no quarantine lol.

I have been watching I Am Not Okay With This. It’s a very good show

So no one told you life was gonna be dis waaaayyy *CLAPCLAPCLAP*

10 Listen to Music

I always do this. Music is awesome. I'm listening to Nothing Can Shake Me (From Your Love) by Survivor, as I type. It's a good song.

I do this anyway, haha

I mean I always listen to music.

The Newcomers

? Bake
? Make Art

The Contenders

11 Learn How to do Something

Literally anything. No one's going to stop you. Anything will kill boredom

I learned how to play the ukulele

12 View Social Media

We are all in bad moods about being under quarantine and with social media we can get together to help elevate that with complaining about it suggesting ways to coup with it and make silly challenges

13 Enroll in Online Classes

Bad idea, but it's not like I had an alternative.

Do we really have a choice?

14 Draw

I eat sleep and breathe drawing and its creations.

Drawing is my passion

I actually draw a lot.

Who here makes comics? I do

15 Try a Food You've Never Had
16 Creative Writing

Whether you write in cursive or not, creative writing is awesome

Well I don’t know how to do cursive but I am pretty creative

17 Go for a Walk or Bike Ride
18 Make Music

I've tried with the guitar. I broke the tiniest string a few years ago and it still hasn't been fixed. I'm a good baritone voice, though.

19 Learn a New Instrument
20 Write a Book
21 Start a Journal
22 Do a Room Makeover
23 Cook Food

I can't cook lol, I tried

24 Prank Call People

Prank calling people is the best. What's better is that if they mad they can't beat you up because quarantine.

25 Do a Puzzle
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