Best Things to Do With the How to Train Your Dragon Dragons

Sometimes life gets too much to handle. In here we can brainstorm how Dreamworks' HTTYD dragons can make life infinitely better!

The Top Ten

1 See landmarks in the blink of an eye

Ever wanted to see Big Ben? How about the Taj Mahal? The Eiffel Tower? Well, now you can, and it's all for FREE! - katzoo12

2 Watch How to Train Your Dragon and the sequel

That would be epic to see my dragon's reactions! - katzoo12

3 Threaten your parents or social obstacles

I know my parents mean the best for me, but sometimes I get so mad at them! Bullies...? I can already think of the possibilities... - katzoo12

4 Play games

Like tag, and Rise of Berk, and Marco Polo, and... - katzoo12

5 Snuggle up at bedtime

That would be so sweet and cute! - katzoo12

6 Go fishing

I'm not a good fisher woman, but if I had a dragon, that would change in a heartbeat! - katzoo12

7 Have story time

I love reading, and it would be even cooler to read to s dragon! - katzoo12

8 Have a dance party

Shake that funky dragon thang! - katzoo12

9 Have fun thinking up names for them

What's more, if my dragon has a personality, it can tell me what names it likes! - katzoo12

10 Take over the world

Why not after all you have a dragon who is going to stop you.

What? That's not what I had in mind.. - katzoo12

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