Top Ten Things to Do With a Justin Bieber CD


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21 Use it as a torture method for criminals
22 Smash it into pieces, poop on it and mail it to Antarctica

Poor penguins!

23 Send it to North Korea where they can nuke it V 1 Comment
24 Use it as a frisbee
25 Mail it to Donald Trump

Haha, just imagine Trump opens his mailbox and sees a bunch of Justin Bieber CD's. - naFrovivuS

26 Leave it in a cat's litter box

That's animal abuse... Leaving such a horrible CD in a litter box.

The cat will pee and poop all over it

She can use it better than any one

27 Break it into a million pieces like in The Incredibles
28 Listen to it

You fans are stupid

Of course a dumbass fangirl would do that.

I'm a belieber and id listen to it

What go f yourself

V 1 Comment
29 Shove it up Bieber's nostril

I would do that because he is so weak

How would u find him some fans don't even get to meet him

GREAT IDEA! He would not like that! He deserves that because he TRIED to wreck music and annoy EVERYONE! ARGHH! HATE Ü Bieber! ):<

30 Ludacris smashes it
31 Use it as a gag gift
32 Give it to your enemy as a gag gift
33 Wash it
34 Scratch it
35 Leave it in a meteor shower
36 Throw it in a tar pit
37 Throw in into acid
38 Melt it in a volcano
39 Use it in a horror movie
40 Exchange it for a Beatles CD

I can't believe this is bottom! 🙁

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