Top Ten Best Things to Do With Paper

How's it going bros? Ok, imma share what are some things to do with your paper. Some reasons why: when you are bored, play with your paper.

The Top Ten

1 Make a Paper Pistol

If you get bored at school... just make sure that you don't do this one. LOL


Don't know how to make a paper pistol? You can comment saying you want to see the steps to it or you can just do it the simple way and go to or mabey try to look it up some where else if you can't find a good video on how to make it. - PewDiePie

2 Make a Paper Airplane

I love when it's a windy day. Its good for flying paper airplanes. I have my own paper airplane it glides through the sky really fast. Its got some cool designs on it and I call it the GLIDER!

Don't know how to make a paper airplane? Go on and look up on how to make one. - PewDiePie

I LOVE doing this and whisking it out through a high building! - HezarioSeth

In class laugh out loud - aliya15

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3 Draw On It

I can draw anime all day

Should be #1

There are sorts of things to draw. Just about anything on paper, Even draw your self if it's possible

Ideas: Draw goku, Draw Pikachu, ext - PewDiePie

Yay I moved this from 3-2! - NintendoROCK3T

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4 Make a Paper Stick Person

Creative! - BorisRule

Just cut up some arms and legs and a round head (and a body of course) and then you just get some tape or glue (I recomend you using some glue rather than tape) and put all of the parts together to make a paper stick person. (If you don't know how a stick person looks then that's sad) - PewDiePie

5 Trace Something

I would rather hand-draw it.

Tracing may not be a great idea for u, but still, I'm trying to make a top ten list here :3 - PewDiePie

6 Paint On It

That's what I meant paint on it with a brush - PewDiePie

I don't paint much but mabey you do - PewDiePie

7 Origami
8 Make a Sign

Try to write something on it such as a KEEP OUT SIGN. - PewDiePie

9 Print a Picture or a Text

I like to print random pictures from the internet!

Print a picture that you like or print a document of a text that you need for some information. - PewDiePie

10 Use It As Toilet Paper

The Contenders

11 Make a Paper Popper

Very fun and loud

12 Screw It Up and Use It As a Ball
13 Make a Book
14 Make A Paper Diamond

It's very fun and entertaining! I your bored at a meeting, this is what I would suggest that you do to make time fly by.

15 Make a Card Game

Making games out of these are fun! And once you finished, you can play with your friends!

16 Shred It
17 Recycle It
18 Write Your Own Story Book
19 Throw It Away
20 Burn It
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