Top Ten Best Things to Do With Paper

How's it going bros? Ok, imma share what are some things to do with your paper. Some reasons why: when you are bored, play with your paper.

The Top Ten

1 Make a Paper Airplane

I love when it's a windy day. Its good for flying paper airplanes. I have my own paper airplane it glides through the sky really fast. Its got some cool designs on it and I call it the GLIDER!

Don't know how to make a paper airplane? Go on and look up on how to make one. - PewDiePie

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2 Make a Paper Pistol
3 Draw On It

There are sorts of things to draw. Just about anything on paper, Even draw your self if it's possible

Ideas: Draw goku, Draw Pikachu, ext - PewDiePie

Yay I moved this from 3-2! - NintendoROCK3T

I always draw. - KingFab

4 Make a Paper Stick Person

Just cut up some arms and legs and a round head (and a body of course) and then you just get some tape or glue (I recomend you using some glue rather than tape) and put all of the parts together to make a paper stick person. (If you don't know how a stick person looks then that's sad) - PewDiePie

5 Trace Something

Tracing may not be a great idea for u, but still, I'm trying to make a top ten list here :3 - PewDiePie

6 Paint On It

That's what I meant paint on it with a brush - PewDiePie

I don't paint much but mabey you do - PewDiePie

7 Make a Sign

Try to write something on it such as a KEEP OUT SIGN. - PewDiePie

8 Origami
9 Print a Picture or a Text

Print a picture that you like or print a document of a text that you need for some information. - PewDiePie

10 Use It As Toilet Paper

The Contenders

11 Screw It Up and Use It As a Ball
12 Make A Paper Diamond

It's very fun and entertaining! I your bored at a meeting, this is what I would suggest that you do to make time fly by.

13 Make a Card Game

Making games out of these are fun! And once you finished, you can play with your friends!

14 Make a Book
15 Shred It
16 Make a Paper Popper

Very fun and loud

17 Recycle It
18 Throw It Away
19 Burn it
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