Best Things to Do On Your Birthday

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1 Celebrate with the Family

Everything is great to be celebrated in the Family - MatrixGuy

Celabrating with your family is what I normally do on my birthday.

2 Celebrating with Friends

I remember inviting friends over on my birthday 10 years ago today and 11 years ago today and so on

Yes its amazing and I loved it. My friends come over sleepovers every time they go to my party's. It's the bomb!

3 Buy Yourself the Gift You've Always Wanted

Yeah right its good to buy it yourself because when you tell someone you want something you like and they never buy what they told him or her its good to buy it on your own!

If only my mom would let me...:(

4 Have an Epic Party
5 Go On a Shopping Spree

If only my mom would let me spend my own money :(

6 Treat Yourself Like a King or Queen

Even better yet, force EVERYONE ELSE to treat you like a king or queen!

Now this wouldn't be hard - MatrixGuy

7 Go Out to Eat

I recently went out to a buffet with my relatives for my 26th birthday. Several of them were from CA. Everyone gave me $500 total. It was the best birthday that I have ever had in my entire life and I wish that I could repeat this every single year.

8 Do Something Extreme and Memorable

My birthday's coming up in a few days, and last year, I had a Bojangles restaurant come to the school and throw a party.

Make the birthday unforgettable - MatrixGuy

9 Ride a Roller Coaster
10 Watch Movies With Friends

This is a tradition in my family. We often just go there and see what's available. Desolation of Smaug was the cracker for me this year.
MatrixGuy, is it yours? If so, happy birthday. - PositronWildhawk

Yeah, it was mine today, thank you - MatrixGuy

The Contenders

11 Go to the Movies
12 Do Adventure Sports or Outdoor Activities
13 Go On a Road Trip
14 Go Clubbing

A great party wouldn't harm - MatrixGuy

15 Go to a Theme Park

I wish! My birthday's near spring break.

16 Plan a Road Trip
17 Order a Pizza

I have on my 2010-2016, could tomorrow since it's my 2019 birthday

A pizza, film, great company = one wonderful birthday!
Happy belated brithday MatrixGuy! - Britgirl

18 Get a Massage
19 Sex
20 Go to the Beach
21 Work Out
22 Eat Out
23 Get Absolutely Hammer Smashed Faced
24 Treat Yourself to a Facial and Microdermabrasion
25 Eat Cake
26 Blow Out Your Candle
27 Get Buffalo Wild Wings and Watch a Sports Game of Your Favorite Team

If there is a game on that day.

28 Pull Pranks
29 Go Swimming

I did on my 6, 10, and 15th birthday

30 Have a Barbecue
31 Eat Chinese food

Today is mine so I will eat this for my birthday

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