Top Ten Things to Do In Your Car

Bored in your car? Waiting for someone or something to be done? No problem, try the ideas bellow or create and remix so other people can have some suggestions.

The Top Ten

1 Listen to the Radio
2 Pretend You Are Driving
3 Play a Video Game If U Have Something With You
4 Draw
5 Look Out the Window

Hm, if you have a nice view then look out the window - PewDiePie

6 Play With Your Seat Belt

Haha, I like this one - Britgirl

7 Sit In the Front Seat for a While
8 Honk the Steering Wheel Over and Over Again
9 Sex

This is the best thing to do in a car - Raizulee

10 Play With the Keys

If the keys are left in the car, play with them if you want - PewDiePie

The Contenders

11 Shout Out the Window at Passers-by

I love doing this! I also like to bark at people, meow at them, ask them if they want to be friends, wave at them, and by now someone is probably like"this guy is a freak" but I'm ok with that. I'm know for being weird at my school but at my school it is a good thing to be weird plus I don't know you and you don't know me so I don't care if you think I am weird. In short-i'm a freak of nature - llamabaconllama37

I do this all of the time! Its really fun. Once on my birthday I was with friends and we all shouted PEANUT BUTTER! - AnonymousChick

12 Check the Time and See How Much Longer U Have to Play In Your Car

May not be your car. But that's ok

Lets try and get some remixes - PewDiePie

13 Run Over Your Lifelong Enemy
14 Wind the Window Up and Down
15 Pretend to Sleep
16 Honk Horn and Laugh at People Waiting at Bus Stops As You Drive By

Some of the yr 12 do this. Jerks.

17 Crash It
18 Look at this list
19 Go bus spotting
20 Eat boogers
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