Top Ten Things to Do to Your Friends at a Sleepover


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1 When they go to sleep draw all over their faces

I'd go all picasso and make doodles everywhere, and write some inappropriate words. - ToptenPizza

2 Pretend to be a demon

I'm not sure how you'd do this, but it would be cool if you found out how. - ToptenPizza

3 Play very loud music at midnight

This would be pretty cool. - ToptenPizza

4 Drug their drinks

This is the worst prank ever it's just cruel

5 Put toothpaste on the toilet bowl

So they'd sit on it and get all toothpaste all over them. - ToptenPizza

6 Put a Jeff the Killer picture in front of them while they sleep

If I woke up to that creepy psychopath I'd be freaked. - ToptenPizza

7 Start a power outage while playing a horror game

Lol imagine you're playing 5 nights at Freddies and once the jumpscare happens the power goes out. - ToptenPizza

8 Pretend to tell a horror story, mumble very lowly, get into the details of death very softly, then when they lean in to hear you, scream

I do this all the time. - ToptenPizza

9 Put weird make up all over them

Make them have a unibrow, big Kylie Jenner lips, haha. - ToptenPizza

10 Put toothpaste all over them

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11 Pretend to be a ghost
12 Put their hand in a warm bowl of water
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1. When they go to sleep draw all over their faces
2. Pretend to be a demon
3. Play very loud music at midnight


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