Things Donald Trump and Justin Beiber Have In Common

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1 They are both racist

Don't forget Justin Bieber hates black people, I believe the Donald has too (He does have some black acquaintances, but he refers to African Americans as "the blacks." So subtle.)

Yep - LightningStrike

Damn it, I wanted to make this list! - Skullkid755

True, and they're both goats

2 They both have crappy fanbases

From what I hear from other people on this site, a lot of Justin Bieber's fans are teenagers who don't know what real music is, and even say that about fans of real music.
Meanwhile, Trump's hardcore supporters are completely brainwashed into liking him no matter what he does or says. The number is growing o_o - allamassal

3 They both got rich for nothing


4 They both think they are better than everyone else

They really do. The world doesn't revolve around them AT ALL!

5 They are both ugly
6 They both have stupid quotes

There's more:

Bieber:The Beatles are the crap bands.

7 They both don't care about how their actions affect others
8 They both disgraced Michael Jackson

When did Trump diss Michael Jackson? Huh? - B1ueNew

Because he is not pedophile - ihatetrump

All that is left is that Trump disgraces The Beatles and they are even

9 Both of their hair looks like it's fake

Look at that HAIR! Who would vote for a person with HAIR like that?

10 They are both douchebags


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11 They don't deserve to be rich or famous

Yes Trump deserves to be beaten just like Jimmy Carter, who was beaten severely and regularly when he barred Muslims from entering the US back in 1979.

12 They both have horrible voices
13 They both don't contribute anything positive to the universe
14 They both are terrible role models

Trump is worse, though.

15 They are hot

Actually they're both very ugly but trumps uglier - ihatetrump

16 They both are a disgrace
17 They both have ugly personalities
18 They are both embarrassing
19 They are both extremely arrogant

Its more likely that Donald Trump is more arrogant than Justin Bieber.

20 They are both among the most hated people in the world.
21 They are both stupid
22 They are both hated on TheTopTens

This would've been first if I made the list. - Skullkid755

Hated... More than anything.

23 They are privileged
24 Both treat women like pigs
25 They only care about their fame and popularity.
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