Best Things Done by Firestar / Fireheart

The Top Ten Best Things Done by Firestar / Fireheart

1 Kiled Scourge


This IS one of the best things Firestar has done. I mean Scourge WOULD have taken the forest if Firestar didn't step in.

I agree I love Scourge to but he was the one who killed Tigerstar so I'm ok with that

If Firestar hadn't killed Scrourge, Scrouge would've taken over the forest.

2 Saved Bluestar

I mean its so awesome I put this here for a reason he saved her life until to books later its just awesome I think he is so nice and he if my favorite cat

Bluestar is awesome!
-Lindenheart proud deputy of ForestClan - LindenheartInsanity

3 Helped Riverclan When the Forest Was Flooded

I do Agee firestar is the loyalist cat but he is very brave and he is one my favorite cars

Firestar is not, loyal. How can you peeps like him. He should not be here is a soft kittypet. A kit can kill him on a good day.

If your talking about leaders it's blackstar go blackstar

I agree with you, Blackstar is a great leader, but don't be so soon to turn your back on Firestar. He did save the forest from being overrun by Scourge, and he saved Bluestar! I agree he's not perfect, but he DOESN'T deserve all this SICK you all are spewing about him. Not trying to be offensive here, but he isn't as bad as you think. - Firefan

Sigh well he did it all secretly but not for long but he saved mistyfoots kits I was in tears when he saved them sorry I cry and I'm really sentsitive so I cry easily

That was like so nice for RiverClan! Also he saved three kits by doing so!

Also to the Firestar haters, he is overrated, but not bad. Huh? What's that? Oh, Firestar only introduced you to the series, saved all clans, brought SkyClan back, and bringing kitty pets in isn't breaking the warrior code. The warrior code says: A true warrior rejects THE SOFT LIFE! of a kitty pet. You hear that LIFE? Not the cats themselves!

I couldn't agree with you more. I'm not saying Firestar is perfect, but he doesn't deserve all this hate. He has done many things, and deserves a good memory. To all those Firestar haters, you make me SICK. I don't mean to be offensive here, but ever notice how nasty someone seems when all they do is spew SICK about other characters? If you ask me, they seem pretty nasty. - Firefan

4 Saved Ravenpaw

I hated how Tigerclaw put all of those mean rumors about Ravenpaw. And Firepaw was a great friend to Raven. - BlueDiamondFromNowhere

Dude I mean if he had not save him I don't know what they would do I mean he was the one who told them the real story of how Oakheart died [first time] and that Tigerclaw was a blood thristy murderer look Bluestar would be dead and Tigerclaw will kill the clan

5 Mated With Sandstorm

Since Squirrelflight mated with Brambleclaw, that means that Tigerstar and Firestar are step-parents/brothers! O_O

This title sounds so wrong... - Leaftail

Lindenheart is sadly dying

Ok ok may not be my best but ya Sandstorm can be a hairball some times but it just took her a while to think well he may be a kiitypet but he can kick some butt

6 Killed Whitethroat

Come on! He didn't even kill white throat and whitethroat did nothing wrong. He was just standing by running winds body for star clans sake! I cried when he died

Sorry I made this top tens thing and I'm running out of stuff sorry people this is boring but I'm trying my best and to whitethrout kicks him and sits on him

Hr didt dersve to die he just came at The erinev place at The wrong time retard

7 Leading Thunderclan

All I can say is I LOVE YOU FIRESTAR

Me to I LOVE FIRESTAR! You lead thunderclan like a pro! Well you are a pro :D - Morgan2005

Firestar is totaly the best!


8 Killed Tigerstar (The Tenth Time)

He was right to kill him I remember when he made dogs attack thunder clan

He didn't kill him, Scourge did!

Tigerstar is gone forever but sadly firestar lost his ninth life to him and died. May he hunt with starclan and come back in dreams

Yes May he hunt in starclan~Morgan2005 Proud leader of forestclan chek out my lists! - Morgan2005

9 Brought Clans to the Lake

He was one of the first cats to suggest in front of all Clans

He was e first cat

COME ON! Seriously it brambleclaw squirrelflight crowfeather stormfur and tawnypelt who made the journey to the sun drown place, they talked to midnight and moved the clans sadly I was left behind in the mountains….


10 Stopped the Dog Pack


The Contenders

11 Brought SkyClan Back

I soo thankful for SkyClan too I am thankful for firestar

12 Leaving Smudge So He Wouldn't Become Too Fat

Haha! I knew he wouldn't want to become fat

13 Invited Clans to Sunningrocks

In Dawn he did with nada space

14 Saved Clans More Than Once

Well people you all know its true so LIVE ON FIRESTAH!

15 Lost His Life Saving His Clan
16 Inviting Cloudtail
17 Killing the Rat King
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