Top Ten Things Dragon Ball Characters Should Do If They Met Dora the Explorer

If you hate Dora and like DBZ This is then list for you

The Top Ten Things Dragon Ball Characters Should Do If They Met Dora the Explorer

1 Kamehameha

I think I am gonna kill the person who made this It's A TWO YEAR OLD SHOW NOT A SHOW FOR 12 YEAR OLDS

The fastest way. - Goku02

Better make it a x10 Kamehameha yo make sure she's really dead (I don't care if GT is "non canon," I'm mentioning it)

Goku: ''Kame Hame''
Dora: ''Do you see the kamehameha wave coming towards me''.
Goku: ''Ha Die Dora Die''.
Dora: ''Oh there it is'' while getting turned into ashes.
Everyone: ''Hooray for Goku'' while having a party in the end.

2 Freiza tortures her
3 She gets run over by Gohan's tractor
4 Gogeta kills her and dances on her grave

I dance on her grave too!

RIP Dora the explorer 2000-2015 I’d come to the grave party because we can celebrate Dora’s death! MWAHAHA

and the Pegasus from the story adventure episode can come to!

5 Spirit Bomb

Dora is not pure hearted because she enjoys torturing her viewers.

6 She dates Yamcha

LOL So That Yamcha can lie about the couple

7 She becomes Broly's roomate

I laughed so hard on this one - ParkerFang

8 She swaps bodies with a frog
9 Freiza impales her the same way she killed Krillin
10 Krillin slices her in half

The Contenders

11 Cell sucks her up with his tail
12 Goku kills her


13 Goku goes Super Saiyan and kills her
14 Use their strongest Ultimate attack and destroys Dora.
15 Vegeta guesses Dora's weight


16 All characters use Dragon Spirit
17 Vegeta mistakes her head for a planet and blows it up
18 Goku sells her on Ebay to Frieza
19 Boots tries to go Super Saiyan and his head explodes
20 Tien Uses His Tri-Beam and Killed Her
21 Mr Satan beats her up
22 Big Bang Attack
23 Raditz toys with her and then kills her
24 Double Sunday
25 Beerus The Destroyer Blows Up Dora's World
26 Natsu Kills Her
27 General Rilldo turns her into metal

Then we can cell her and make $$$$$

28 Beerus destroys her
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