Top 10 Things Dragon Ball Super Did Better Than GT

The Top Ten

1 The inclusion of more characters
2 Better understand of the show

This is definitely not true since Dragon Ball Super is more like Toriko than Dragon Ball. - SunGoku

3 Interesting story arcs
4 Goku is an adult

This is the only one that's actually true on this list but what's the point if he acts like a kid anyways. - SunGoku

5 Better comedy

Goku bitting Frieza's tail again is so funny I forgot to laugh. - SunGoku

6 Gohan isn't as pathetic

Gohan is more pathetic is Dragon Ball Super than in Dragon Ball GT. He fought Vegeta with Goten and was giving him a bit of trouble from before. In Super he barely fights Frieza soldiers that are not said to be any stronger than they were when he fought them as a kid. - SunGoku

7 Pan isn't annoying

I agree pan is annoying in GT but in super she not annoying the way she acted when actor is flirting with her mother videl she look unhappy she looks like she's going to fight him and that she would beat him up.

Pan isn't really in Super so that's not really a fair argument. - SunGoku

8 Proper use of villains
9 Super Saiyan God/Blue is better than Super Saiyan 4

Changing hair color is better than a new design acording to who ever added this. - SunGoku

10 Decent filler

They both have decent filler but GT's is better. - SunGoku

The Contenders

11 The Story Is Better
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