Top Ten Things to Draw


The Top Ten

1 People

So,... Twenty One Pilots - 0w0uwu

Draw Cameron Boyce

Well drawing the whole one direction band would be cool just a lot of details

I draw people a lot sometimes anime

2 Animals

I draw a lot of humanoid cats, one day I will make a graphic novel once I make all the's a lot of hard work though...

I have a passion (or maybe rather an obsession? I don't know. Lol) on animals. Animals have always been my favorite thing to draw - XxDarkStorm_PhoenixMothxX

I mostly like drawing animals, I like wolves, cats, llamas, marine life, small animals, and ponies. But I also like to draw a lot of humanoid OCs. I just have had more experience with animals, and the anatomy and proportions are easier to capture.

Animals are probably the most easiest things for me to draw. - funnyuser

3 Yourself

I am new to drawing so this is probably easy

I like to draw myself as a 2 year old in a diaper

It was very discribing what you like

I like drawing things like flowers and foods

4 Landmarks

I like to draw the Las Vegas Strip

I enjoy drawing the houses and buildings around my neighborhood. It's always been relaxing, and gets me out of my constant artists block.

I think landscapes are nice to draw because you know the landmark and you feel that connection that helps you draw

5 Food


cause they're cool
cause they look thick today

It is so simple. So many styles of sketching! and a single grape, (or whatever), can be the start!

6 Song Lyrics

Because making a drawing with lyrics from your favorite song is cool

7 Cars

These are the easiest

8 Anime/Manga Characters

How many pictures are really cool to dry specially their eyes but I'm not really that good of an artist so it takes me a while to draw one eye

9 Sunsets

Landscapes are so tedious with pencils! But with paints, they were my favorite =) - keycha1n

10 Cartoon Characters

I like to draw the gods from Disney's Hercules

I like drawing stitch. He's just so cute!

Star is cute, however, her physical design has traits that are shared with millions of other characters that are more aesthetic to draw

The Contenders

11 Eyes

Eyes are my favourite things to draw. Everyone says I'm good at it. - Catlover2004

12 Weapons
13 Demons

I like demons

Demons are great to draw because scary stuff are great to draw

Demons are great to draw because scary things are great to draw

Monsters are the best things to draw

14 Masks
15 Logos
16 Fruit

There's so many different angles and colours you can use and it's perfect with any medium
Personally I like round fruit, especially apples 🍎 🍎

17 Chairs
18 Soccer Balls
19 Dots
20 Hair
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