Top 10 Things that the Eastern United States is Known For

I noticed that there's something going on with lists about what nations are known for. And another thing is that there's alot of things known is specific parts of America. I live in the east, so I gotta do my part.

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1 The Statue of Liberty

Great to see how these nations/countries are still going on. I started with that list about Germany and now other users make these lists too which is nice. by the way, the statue of liberty is very cool! - Userguy44

She wasn't always green. - ParasN2000

I've been to New York to a school trip for 3 days at summer, and I've pictured the image of Statue of Liberty when I was in a cruiser for a ride with my friends and my teachers. It was a memorable statue to me. (I lost my phone at NYC when the trip is over sadly so all my pictures I've taken are done for nothing T_T) - yamionthetrap

It's that green thing made out of copper. A gift of freedom with Europeans coming over too. - LightningStrike

2 Washington Monument

Famous landmark in DC. Making notice to all over the world. And that water there is the reflection pool. - LightningStrike

3 The White House

What's Trump doing in there? Is he racist? Banning people from entering our beautiful nation? Or does he want less terror in our country? It's complicated. - LightningStrike

It's a great hangout! The Oval Office is spectacular. Thank the builders of this great establishment! - POTUS

4 The Original Colonies

Long ago, There's 13 of them and the east is where they start. The British must feel a real shame of themselves back in this day. - LightningStrike

5 Liberty Bell

Located in Pennsylvania of course - LightningStrike

6 The Capitol Building

Another famous landmark in DC. Home of the US Congress. Brilliant thing to see when you go there. - LightningStrike

7 Empire State Building

The White House and this appeared in a memory game by National Geographic, together with 42 other attractions from the world - Alkadikce

Another New York landmark. Very tall building. Greatly constructed. And very famous worldwide - LightningStrike

8 Lincoln Memorial
9 Chesapeake Bay

Right in the east of Maryland and Virginia, we have a bay with the most biggest Watershed of the nation. It's a great one. - LightningStrike

10 Independence Hall

The Contenders

11 The Pentagon

Located in Virginia - LightningStrike

12 Philly Cheese Steak

Pennsylvania has something for you. Famously known from that state. And it's yummy. - LightningStrike

Oh gosh this looks good. I'm getting hungry😋 - Userguy44

13 Blue Jay The Blue Jay (Latin name 'Cyanocitta Cristata') is a passerine bird in the Corvidae family . It's also known as a 'Jaybird' and it's name comes from it's noisy nature . It is native to North America and is in most of eastern and central US although some go to to other countries . Breeding populations more.

The Blue Jay, oh yes, very native to North America. Mostly in the Northeast - LightningStrike

Hey its Mordecai - TwilightKitsune

14 Yale University

One of the most famous Universities in the world. Located in Connecticut. - LightningStrike

15 Ocean City

There is also an Ocean City in New Jersey as well

Located in Maryland's east - LightningStrike

16 Florida

ME home - BreakFastBeast2005

17 Delaware Memorial Bridge

Even the title tells you that it's Delaware - LightningStrike

18 Donald Trump Donald John Trump (born June 14, 1946) is an American businessman, television personality, politician, and the 45th President of the United States. Born and raised in Queens, New York City, Trump received an economics degree from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania in 1968. In 1971, more.
19 Hillary Clinton Hillary Diane Rodham Clinton is an American politician who was a Democratic presidential candidate in the 2008 and 2016 elections.
20 Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez
21 Disney World
22 CNN The Cable News Network is an American basic cable and satellite television channel that is owned by the Turner Broadcasting System division of Time Warner.

A news channel from Atlanta - LightningStrike

23 Beaches Boracay is a small island in the Philippines located approximately 315 kilometres south of Manila and 2 kilometres off the northwest tip of Panay Island in Western Visayas region of the Philippines.
24 Fort McHenry
25 Clam Chowder
26 Wawa
27 Vulcan Statue
28 Coca-Cola

Yes, they are founded in Georgia - LightningStrike

29 Baseball Baseball is a bat-and-ball game played between two teams of nine players each who take turns batting and fielding.
30 Willis Tower

You guys are doing a really good job here adding stuff - LightningStrike

31 Britney Spears Britney Jean Spears (born December 2, 1981) is an American singer and actress who was born in McComb, Mississippi, and grew up in Kentwood, Louisiana. She performed acting roles in stage productions and television shows like "The Mickey Mouse Club" as a child before signing with Jive Records in 1997 more.
32 Elvis Presley Elvis Presley was an American musician and actor. Known as "The King" He was mostly known for his number 1 singles including "Heartbreak Hotel" "Hound Dog" "Jailhouse Rock" "Love me Tender" Elvis debuted in the movie "Love me Tender" and focused less on his music and continued that way. more.
33 The Notorious B.I.G. Christopher George Latore Wallace, born May 21, 1972, better known by his stage name The Notorious B.I.G (sometimes Biggie Smalls or just simply Biggie), is an American rapper from Brooklyn, New York. On March 9, 1997, he was murdered in a drive by shooting in Los Angeles, California at the age of only more.

Yes, he's from Brooklyn - LightningStrike

34 Philadelphia Eagles The Philadelphia Eagles are a professional football franchise based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The Eagles compete in the National Football League as a member club of the league's National Football Conference East division.
35 Baltimore Orioles The Baltimore Orioles are an American professional baseball team based in Baltimore, Maryland. The Orioles compete in Major League Baseball as a member club of the American League East division. They play their home games at Oriole Park at Camden Yards.
36 Miami Heat The Miami Heat is an American professional basketball team based in Miami, Florida. The Heat compete in the National Basketball Association as a member of the league's Eastern Conference Southeast Division.
37 Philadelphia Philadelphia is the largest city in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and the sixth-most populous city in the United States, with an estimated population of 1,567,872 and more than 6 million in the seventh-largest metropolitan statistical area, as of 2016. Philadelphia is the economic and cultural anchor more.
38 Maple syrup


39 Crab Crabs are decapod crustaceans of the infraorder Brachyura, which typically have a very short projecting "tail", usually entirely hidden under the thorax.
40 Michael Jackson Michael Joseph Jackson was an American singer, dancer, and songwriter born on August 29, 1958 in Gary, Indiana and passed away on June 25, 2009. He donated (at least) a remarkable 500,000,000 dollars to charity. Michael is also known as The King of Pop (a title given to him by Elizabeth Taylor) or under more.

Indiana's east of the Mississippi, so he definitely qualifies.

41 9/11 Terror Attacks

Very sad event

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