Top Ten Things Electronics Arts Would Do If They Bought TheTopTens

We all know that EA or Electronics Arts had ruined some great games Franchises over the years.But what if they bought thetoptens? How this will affect users.Today I created a list of things that could happen if EA bought the toptens

The Top Ten

1 All lists that talk bad about them gets removed
2 Users that say they hate Electronics Arts get suspended or permanently banned
3 They start flame wars against people who hate them
4 They will take over users lists and starting editing them
5 They will attempt to recommend their broken games to people
6 They de-rank everyone back to level 1
7 They have full control on what comments you pose
8 Microtransactions would be introduced for some features

Oh god, just imagine what that would be like...
"Good afternoon everyone! We here at EA are exited to announce a new feature: TopTensTokens! Voting on a list will reward you with 1 TopTenToken, which can be spent on the ability to leave a comment, make a blog post, or make a list! Comments cost 100 tokens, blog posts cost 500 tokens, and lists cost 1000 tokens! Users of this site will be filled with a sense of pride and accomplishment for earning their right to use the site! Alternatively, you can buy a TheTopTens Premium suscription, which will allow you to make unlimited comments, posts, and lists for the low, low price of 50$ a month! We hope you all give us all of your mon- I mean enjoy this wonderful new update! " - Atham

Pay $5.99 to comment - Not_A_Weeaboo

9 They sue themselves out of existence for lack of ethics
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