Top 10 Things in Elementary School You Probably Forgot About

Elementary School is a very interesting and bizarre time. A lot of childhood memories come from elementary school things are pretty fun and it’s stress free for the most part. Here’s some things that you probably experienced in elementary school but don’t really remember.

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Happened all the time, so annoying. There is always this kid in the class that tells on everyone for anything.

This one kid in second grade. Ugh. Last I checked he's a swell dude now, but way back then, he was such a brat.

So one time this kid said Hell in a casual conversation while the teacher was gone. Literally everyone tattletaled on him. He literally broke down crying. One of the funniest things ever.

Everyone remembers tattletales, but it’s that fact you could never get away with anything, such as swearing without getting told on by the teacher. Now in senior school, nobody cares if your swear.

The PE Parachute

One of my favorite things we did in PE. We did it a few times a school year, but when we did it, it was really fun.

There's just something special about being under a giant parachute that makes me feel good when I look back on it.

There was nothing quite as special as walking into the gym and seeing that parachute. Something about creating a dome with it and playing games underneath it was so much fun. That was PE at its absolute best in my opinion if you didn’t do this at least twice did you even go to elementary school?

I don't think we had anything like this.


We learned how to play these in music class in fourth grade. My music teacher was terrible though, so it wasn't a fun experience. When I moved and went to a new school in fifth grade, they were just starting to learn them while I had a year head start. I still have both recorders.

Oh Lord. Every kid in the school just blowing the crap out of those things.

Everyone used to squeak them, and interrupt the teacher with them. It was so annoying.

For whatever reason it seems like every 4th grader ever at least in the US learned how to play this thing that was basically like a Clarinet and you would learn different notes and have to play different songs. I don’t know why they taught how to play a recorder maybe to get kids into music? I don’t know but it seems like nobody ever remembers that weird era where you played a recorder then never again


Mainly 1st Grade I wanna say introduced this weird way of putting stuff up that wasn't a locker quite yet. We didn't have like assigned numbers or anything like that. We just put em wherever we wanted to as long as we recalled where we put our backpacks and other things.

Okay I'm in elementary school right now...and I don't none of these I didn't even have them in pre-school or kindergarten. They are cool though. At my school we have coat hooks and book boxes.

Kindergarten was the only year I had cubbies, and we got assigned certain numbers. I still remember that my number was 18.

I'm debating myself on whether we didn't have cubbies in kindergarten or if I just forgot.

Always Walking in a Single File Line

In a way I understand the purpose of behaving this way. It's like follow the leader in a military like mindset (although kids didn't know that until later). Nowadays people like to cut in, and just think their fame is above you. Now off to P.E, Music, Computer or Art Class.

Oh no. I hated this. We used to have to walk single filed everywhere and the teacher would get on to us if we didn't.

the whole class would fight over who goes first in line it was so funny

Just felt odd. Someone was always riding too close to the rear, always.

Scholastic Book Fairs

I loved book fairs. I would usually have like 10 bucks to spend, and I'd usually get a book or two.

I remember these but I couldn't find anything I wanted so I usually got a Wimpy Kid book or something.

I remember this! Used to be fun dressing up as your favourite book characters too.

The only thing I actually enjoyed in elementary school besides recess.

Heads Up 7 Up

Omg yes the memories of this game lol. Universally well remembered by most who would usually play this game if the weather was terrible outside. It's simple head down, no peeking, and guess who touched you out of how many voluntarily went up. It was a good time waster after you were done eating lunch.

This was a game reserved for days we had time for it and on days we had Halloween and Valentine's parties. It was always a favorite of mine.

I sorta remember this. It was a popular game in my Elementary school. I haven't played it in years though.

Honestly I played this in the beginning of middle school as well.

Multiplication Sheets

The most stressful thing about elementary was these things. You were given a sheet of about 20-30 problems that you had to complete in a certain amount of time. They were all easy looking back but at the time learning facts from 0-12 could be hard.

I remember we would get five minutes to solve problems on these, and I don't think I ever got a bad grade on it.

Oh gosh it went from 10 in Elementary. 20 in Intermediate. 50 in Middle. And now we are doing 100.

Oh yeah 3rd and 4th Grade I knew this like that from 0x0 to 12x12 was your basic sheets to know of. In 4th Grade you got like some sort contemporary prize if you scored well in a test with a A- range in the least.

Flip Your Card
Spelling Tests

We were tested more heavily over grammar than spelling, if memory serves.

Oh yeah, try writing the same word 10 times a day for homework. Those were my dark ages.

Ugh I was never a fan. They weren’t hard but trying to spell words like Mountain or important were hard in 2nd grade

Spelling is very easy for me so I didn't do bad on these.

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Halloween/ Valentines Parties

Yeah I barely remember this. It just flew by my radar for me like it was others things I was more into. Halloween you wouldn't be able to do until your final year in High School that is if you wanted to pay full price for.

These were always fun, we could go to other classrooms and talk with our friends and eat candy.

These were the most fun days of the year. Instead of learning stuff you got to basically party in your Halloween costume at school and get candy and play games and maybe do a parade. On Valentine’s Day you just brought a box and took turns handing out valentines to your classmates and eat some treats and stuff. Yeah those were the good days.

back when people would give you stuff on valentines day

Reading Logs

Yeah I remember these, we didn't have no pizza parties or anything like that. I recall having like a watch type thingamajig to record the time you read I found that very annoying.

Anyone remember those reading logs you were given to complete often for some rewards? Sometimes you could win a mini pizza or a free McDonalds Happy Meal but most of the time it was just a sticker chart and you’d always get a cool sticker and occasionally get some candy.

I had one of these in third grade, and I did pretty well with it.

Yeah we would hold pizza parties.


This was how Kids could stay active, and play on a good day. This was the only time in your life it was rad to get some fresh air, and play. I wouldn't say its forgotten by any means seeing it's widely memorable in my view.

This was the highlight of my elementary experience nothing like kickball or basketball or just the regular playground

Who would forget this? It was tons of fun. I miss it.

playing tag was so much fun

Duck Duck Goose

I sucked at this because I was so slow (and to top it off, in 5th grade, I was kinda chunky, which just slowed me down more)

Dr Seuss Day

I remember the library always tried to celebrate Dr Seuss day. There were a lot of Dr Seuss classics like Green Eggs and Ham, The Cat in the Hat, and the Grinch

Yep I remember this.

Four Corners

You always got to work with kids in a lower grade than you and do activities and tasks together. It was actually a fun lesson.

Writing with Only a Pencil

They do this in high school sometimes.

In my 1st school, we had to get PEN LICENSES to get a pen. AND IT WAS LIKE IMPOSSIBLE!

Party Day

Happened on the 2nd to last day of the year, and someone would always bring in a Wii to play games such as Wii Sports Resort, Mario Kart, Super Mario Bros, and Smash Brawl.

Classrooms with VHS Players
Scented Pencils

Weirdly though I didn't get a hand of these Pencils until around middle school.

I didn't have any scented pencils, but a lot of people I knew had them.

Oh I remember these. Just no.

I don’t know why but for whatever reason these were seen as being popular in elementary school. Having these made you “cool” even though the scent was somewhat hard to tell and it usually would wear off. The same applies to markers as well

Handwriting Lessons

Now granted my printing is more like guitar signature to not so well read. In all the while cursive was a good alternative to learn. Luckily back in the mid-2000's they still taught this and I managed to master it after awhile ended up doing more advanced sentences that Summer. If I wrote in Print it would have to be real gently is the best way I go seeing I like to hurry and write.

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Writing on a Chalkboard
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