Top 10 Things Europeans Think About Americans

Basically things like Americans are fat. Americans are stupid. And stuff from people how have NEVER BEEN HERE.

The Top Ten

1 That Americans Are Fat

They call rugby football it's weird and they call ice hockey just hockey crazy haven't you ever played hockey

Although in recent years it turns out we are not as fat as people from Mexico or especially Pacific Islanders, and are about the same degree of obesity as the UK.

Lol America is looked as this big fat country that eats way too much fast food, and calls football soccer, and call this sport where it involes your hands football. - 170253

2 That Americans Are Stupid

I hate it when people stereotype Americans. - nintendofan126

3 That Americans Are All Criminals

Honestly if you think all Americans are criminals, wouldn't that make it RUN by the criminals? And there would be no prisons too. Dumb logic. - NuMetalManiak

Ironically, if you avoid the "inner city" areas where tourists never go anyway, the crime rate in the US is lower than Europe.

We are not criminals Europe! - Stevenpenguin

But nz has less crime than America

4 That Americans All Have Guns

They do don't they

5 Americans Are Uncultured
6 Americans Are Racist

Yes. Americans are racist. They're always busy to be pretending for hinding their real emotion "We're best" in public. Most hypocritical racist, EVER! I hate them.

7 Americans Are Always Loud
8 Americans Are Inferior To Europeans In Every Way Possible
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