Top Ten Things that Every Child Should Hear from Their Parents

I'm quite suprised that no one has made such a list yet...

The Top Ten Things that Every Child Should Hear from Their Parents

1 “I love you.“

In my house it's like this half the time:
*my dad, giving us a long, boring lecture on what we did and how it was wrong*
Dad: now, you know I love you, and if I didn't I would let you do whatever you wanted. But because I love you, you have to keep (insert whatever here), or else all your (insert item here) will be thrown or given away.
*me wanting to be given one day where I can do whatever I want*

What everyone says. I knew this was 1 before I even looked at the list.

Asian parents NEVER say this

My mom is asian and she's always making sure me and my siblings know that she loves us. - Aspenfang

My parents say this only to do something bad too me later.-DarkBoi-X

2 “I'm proud of you.“

Now if only my Asian parents would say this to me after I get a B+ on a test...

The first time I heard this was from my mother. Quite unsure what I'd done that was so right but it was lovely to hear. - Britgirl

3 “I forgive you.“
4 “I am disappointed in you.“

My Asian parents say this to me WAY too much :(

5 “I'm sorry.“

I NEVER hear this from my mom after he got mad at me for nothing :(

6 “The Proletarian Revolution is inevitable.“

Look, junior. We already know that as soon as you begin to lose, which is immediately, Admin will delete, as he, she, they or whatever just did. Besides, your leftist stalling, diversion and other stonewalling doesn't change the fact that you REFUSE to take up the challenge to explain why communism is so wonderful. Until you do, you can go... pound sand.

Admin: Does the post you chose to NOT delete make any sense standing alone?

Then we find a better place to discuss than here. - DieGedankenSindFrei

Told you Little Red; for all to see or not at all.

7 “This is your responsibility.“

I hear this WAY too much

8 “You'll always be my baby boy/girl.“

That just makes me wanna leave more! Yeah, they care about you, seriously, I’m growing up!

9 “Never give up.“
10 “Follow your dreams.“

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11 "You're so important."

My parents only really care about my sister. I could sit in my room for 10 days and no one would ever really notice anything.

12 "You're not gonna die"
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