Top Ten Things Everyone Already Knows, But People Still Won't Shut Up About

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Not All Men Are Sexist

@Smelborp. It's kind of hard to feel that when every single thing feminist say includes the words "ALL men." If it's not directed at good men then why can't they just say "the sexist men." If they would stop stereotyping every man who has ever lived then we wouldn't be offended. Still thanks. You saying that makes me feel slightly better about not being judged for doing nothing.

I'm not sexist, but I'm actually mixed about feminism. I'm no feminist, but I'm not really comfortable with talking about the topic. So I'm just neutral on feminism. I'm neither feminist nor anti-feminist. I have nothing against gender equality, but I think women are treated equally today. So I can see why the Equal Rights Amendment was never passed. I believe men and women are equal right now.

Well this is a list of things that everyone already knows yet won't shut up about. As in, we get it, both genders can be sexist. But look anywhere on social media and try NOT to find hostile(and hypocritical) MRAs and/or plain and simple misogyny. I'll be the first to admit that women can be sexist. But a LOT of men, whether it's on YouTube, ComicVine, Twitter, this website, etc., females really don't seem welcome.

"I hate it when men do this" does not mean "ever single man does this". If you don't do whatever sexist thing the person is talking about then good, it means it wasn't directed towards you.

Not All White People Are Racist

This goes along the same lines as "Black People Can Be Racist Too" and "Black People Aren't The Only Race You Can Be Racist Towards".
If you hear a black person complain about how racist white people can be, and you're white & not racist. Then good, it wasn't directed at you.

EVERYBODY is racist to some degree...why? , because to a certain extent stereotypes are accurate both good and not so good, however this does not mean that everybody is KKK level racist or Lauryn Hill racist for crissakes...

In fact, most of them are not.

Owen is racist

Kids Today Are More Focused On Their Looks Than Having Fun and Playing Outside

On things like this; it's not their fault at all. From the dawn of time, when a child grows up in an enviroment; it will effect their attitude, their future. They learn actions and habits from their parents, from grown ups. And if they don't like being outside for their own reasons; why does that matter? Grownups need to stop comparing the way their kids act to they way things were when they were little because THINGS ARE DIFFERENT!

Not really their fault now, is it? They're kids. If they're being surrounded by a media and society that says "grown women do this, it's good. Do this. Grown men do this, it's good. Do that" and they're told to grow up, then what else do you expect them to do? Do you really expect them to sit and think "let's do what kids did 30 yrs ago! "

"Things are different." Yes. And they're "different" because derelict parents are allowing their kids, who know virtually nothing about anything, to make the rules.

I don't actually care about my look. It just hurts to listen other kids laughing at you cause you're not pretty

Women Can Be Abusive Too

Unless someone actually says "men can't be abused" or " women can't be abusive" then you don't really need to mention it. If you think it's important to spread the word then do it! Just do it on a different post / forum / conversation.

Nah, not everyone knows this sadly, or they do but they completely ignore it

Never in my life have I heard someone say this. Ever. How is this in third. Like what.

Double standards. Screw you all that believe in this rubbish.

People Act Differently On the Internet Than In Real Life

Literally nobody acts like how they do in real life like how to they on the Internet. We all know how we act wouldn't be accepted in real life, that's why we're on the Internet.

Well I'm starting to act like my internet self in real life and some of the results are either great or catastrophic.

I used to let out my sort of obsession of vocaloids only on the Internet. Now I let it out everywhere.

I'm sorry but yes. I am an emo freak who wants to be more than just the shrivel of a girl she is.

Donald Trump Isn't Very Smart.

But he is president now. Seems that voters who voted for this clown are more stupid than he is.

He's just a trump

Gays Should Be Treated Like People

There are some people in this world that unfortunately disagree, generally it is more well accepted now than it has been.

Sadly, there are people in this world that think otherwise.

They are people

Not All Muslims Are Terrorists

What do you mean all Muslims ain't terrorists? That is just what the liberal propagandists want you to think. They say hopeful lies to gain the public's trust so they can get more political power. The democrats are in league with the pope, and they yearn to spread their own, sinister agenda. They are building tunnels right under our feet this very instant so they can deploy an army of their followers. They thought they could outsmart us, but I know the truth! Join with me, and we can end the threat of these shadow organizations once and for all!

Oh, so when we say something that isn't racist against people of color, it's "lIBeRAL pROPaGANdA"?

I don't mind too much when Muslims kill deer, but I hate it when they kill rabbis; but it is true that Muslim nations will issue licenses to kill rabbis.

What. Someone in my distant family was part Muslim, and only ever killed rabbis and deer. And he had licenses for it.

Hey guys! Did you know that there are Christian terrorists too?

Young People Are Stupid

WHAT THE HECK? Okay, I am young and I have been called very smart by people over thirty years older than me. The problem is that stupid older people won't get off their high horses and realize that younger people can be very smart indeed. Age is just a number stating how many years a person has been on Earth, not a classification of who they are, how they act or anything.

Young people are not necessarily stupid, but what the hell has happened to them?!...rock music died with the birth of their generation...go get mad young people, hit somebody, pick up a guitar instead of an Xbox controller, smoke something, and jam in the garage with your buddies for crissakes!

Not true, you may think I'm lying but I am young, I know that I make mistakes but I honestly don't care, so the term you are looking for is aware but doesn't care.

There are plenty of old people who are more stupid than most young people and plenty of young people who are less stupid than most old people. it's more accurate to say that young people are more likely to be more stupid, unless you're talking about pre-pubescents, who are inherently immature.

Making Passive-Agressive Top Ten Lists About Stuff You Wish You Had the Guts to Say Publicly is a Waste of Your Life

Well... I am torn between approval and scorn

Wow, you've got to tone it down a little.

I can name a few of these punks

Damn really hit me hard

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Life is Not Fair

Life's a bitch

You don't say?

Smoking Can Give You Cancer

Yes but this is till important. Lots of people regularly smoke and forget this

I once saw a girl I hate smoking. I didn't know how to respond to that.

It's best to repeat this so more people won't smoke.

A lot of modern lists give me cancer.

Not All Americans Are Fat, Dumb, Religious Racists
Fursuits Aren't Just for Sex

It depends on where you're coming from. Being a furry is easy in German speaking countries and people there know it's not all about sex.

Very true.. But people still think that's what it's all about

Everyone knows. Shush.

Skinny People Can Be Insecure Too

Some skinny people are insecure about a lot of things. Some are afraid others will think they're anorexic. That's a main insecurity. For girls, being skinny sometimes means smaller breasts, so they feel insecure about that. And butts, some of the times.

Me in a nutshell

Bone probs are pretty common

Pasa el Zelda papu

Nudity Is Not Offensive

In what circumstance are we talking here?

It's not offensive, it's just unpleasant

It isn't offensive, just disgraceful.

Its how we were born...

Cats Are Cute

This is more of an opinionated topic.

Cats are evil and do dumb things

I find them cuter than dogs

I'm not really that cute

Some Jobs Won't Give You a Lot of Money

Just let us be happy!

Donald Trump Wants to Build a Wall

Mexico built a wall between them and Central America...Israel has walls...China has a wall..Germany, Korea, etc...this is not some new concept folks, and if you do not want a wall to go between us and Meh-hee-ko then STFU about drugs, overpopulation, and not enough jobs to go around plain and simple

There is such an obvious media war against Trump, just because all the other candidates have bought the news outlets' allegiance... and people are buying it! Absolutely disgraceful.

I'm not sure he might actually build a wall, but I can guarantee he won't be good with foreign relations, considering he doesn't want to improve his bad attitude.

Please. America is smarter than to actually let Ronald McDonald Trump do something stupid like this.

Google and Every Other Major Organization is Spying On Your Every Move

So what? This is a task that is impossible because it takes a billion people to watch over billions of people living on earth. They spy already, but that's only over well known suspects of terrorism acts.

But do they really care? Who cares about what some random person is doing?

Now I am scared to use my computer. Hah; nevermind

This is one thing I'm scared about in Windows 10.

Video Games Have Bad Fanbases

Techniacally there is not a good fanbase. I like sonic and undertale and they have the worst fan bases. There is not good fan base each fan base has at least one person who does you know what.

Call of Duty, Sonic the Hedgehog, Five Nights at Freddy's, and Undertale come to mind when you think about bad video game fan bases.

If you think about thye actually expand your imagination. they don't have bad fanbases. If the fanbases were bad then how do they millions of dollars yearly?

I'll be honest; the Undertale one is nowhere near as bad as people claim. Now, the FNAF and Sonic fandoms on the other hand...

Being Mean On the Internet Does Not Always Qualify As Cyber Bullying

It's often times the same as in real life. There are mean people on the Internet, and there are nice people. And there is then constructive criticism, which some perceive as mean but is really just trying to help.

Hey, Drakar! You don't like people who can't stand mean people?! You deal with it! Being mean won't get you far in life.

It's not bullying if the person was rude first.

Some people are mean deal with it

Pro Wrestling is Fake

So many people would disagree, though this is true.

Not All Women Are Feminists

Definition of feminism: the advocacy of women's rights on the grounds of political, social, and economic EQUALITY to men.

Whatever the connotation, most people and women ARE feminists/equalists because they care about equal rights and indulge in the rights established by feminists (such as the ability to go to school or vote in political decisions). To oppose feminism is to oppose equal rights, and before you blindly downvote my comment, I base this plainly off of an already established definition.

Okay, that's it. I made up my mind. I only hate feminazis/radical feminists, not actual feminists. Gender equality is good, but radical feminists take it too far. I do admire some feminists in history that weren't radical and only wanted EQUALITY, not more rights than men. I will say this again, I only hate feminazis/radical feminists, not actual feminists. Thanks for making me realize that, keycha1n.

I'm female, and I hate feminists, just like whole female population (except my family). I hate that I'm female. I hate having period. I hate having boobs. I hate that if you don't become mother everyone treats you poorly. I hate everything

I don't know of that many actual feminists. All I really know are feminazis. Not saying all feminists are feminazis, but a lot of them are nowadays...

Ebola is Deadly

What the freak is ebola?

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