Full-Fledged List Analysis: Everyone Already Knows, But People Still Won't Shut Up About

NuMetalManiak Well I can't put the full title on here, but here we go with another list analysis. Been awhile since I did one of these, has it not? I was quite busy working on bioactivesolstice@blogspot.com and doing more work in the meantime. This list has only 31 items, but I like this list because it's like my life story. Everyone already knows about things that happen in history, so shut UP dad.

1. Not All Men Are Sexist: If anything, women tend to be more sexist than men. The TERF movement is among the worst kind, since they don't even accept transwomen as women and only want to be with other biological females. When will the genders just kiss and make up and stop being offended over things?
2. Not All White People Are Racist: Yet another one people need to stop talking about. Apparently racism and oppression are different things, and assumptions draw lines everywhere causing racism to stir over minor infractions. So two black guys in a Starbucks are trespassing, not being customers, one using the restroom, white manager tells them to leave or pay to use the restroom. It's company policy, yet the racism stirs from it. Where's the logic?
3. Women Can Be Abusive Too: Double standards is right. I wish this wasn't ignored. You are not a strong woman if you hit men you hate on a daily basis. There's also indirect abuse which can happen from girls using words to be manipulative or just plain bullies.
4. People Act Differently On the Internet Than In Real Life: Well I'm pretty darn shy otherwise.
5. Kids Today Are More Focused On Their Looks Than Having Fun and Playing Outside: You mean they are more focused on Internet things. Really, that's what it comes down to. Besides, being outside isn't all that fun most of the time due to weather conditions and potential dangers. Ever see that Spongebob episode?
6. Fursuits Aren't Just for Sex: Why is this item even here. Fursuits are pretty much costumes.
7. Skinny People Can Be Insecure Too: Weight-shaming is dumb and usually the person's own fault.
8. Young People Are Stupid: THIS RIGHT HERE, I want to punch my dad in the face because he never stops saying this. He's a 60-year old know-it-all that really has no actual idea how opinionated people are and how often they can actually learn things even without old people supervising them all the time.
9. Making Passive-Agressive Top Ten Lists About Stuff You Wish You Had the Guts to Say Publicly is a Waste of Your Life: Or Passive-Aggressive list items. Yeah, on a worst websites list, put TheTopTens even though you took the time to put it on here. Or on another worst list, say "this list" because you think your smart. News flash, you're not.
10. Smoking Can Give You Cancer: So why do people smoke? Do they just not have any other options at this point and want to slowly die?
11. Not All Muslims Are Terrorists: Yes but it seems like whenever a newsworthy terrorist attack happens, it seems that a muslim is always the perpetrator. How come no other religious nutjob is on the news?
12. Some Jobs Won't Give You a Lot of Money: Some of us need money more than greedy CEOs.
13. Cats Are Cute: The cuteness mantra used for cats, dogs, or anime girls needs to be abolished entirely.
14. Donald Trump Wants to Build a Wall: So where is it.
15. Gays Should Be Treated Like People: They are people. If you are not a person, then you are an animal or an alien or some other lifeform. IF YOU ARE CAPABLE OF SPEECH, you are a human at heart.
16. Google and Every Other Major Organization is Spying On Your Every Move: Some of us actually don't care because unless we are sending codes or something to other nations, it's really not bothersome. I don't think these organizations care about the porn people watch anyways.
17. Nudity Is Not Offensive: Though people do find it disgusting. This is why you need clothing.
18. Being Mean On the Internet Does Not Always Qualify As Cyber Bullying: There are some double standards involved and usually they are worse than the bullying themselves.
19. Video Games Have Bad Fanbases: Yes and they don't all have to be on the list of "Worst Fanbases" If you don't like a fanbase do yourself a favor and don't play the game or if you actually like the game but hate the fanbase, don't be a part of it and don't pay attention to it.
20. Not All Women Are Feminists: I am glad for that. Although not all feminists are bad.
21. Ebola is Deadly: Umm, yes. You don't hear this talked about much now anymore though.
22. You Can Be Both Homosexual and Homophobic.: TECHNICALLY SPEAKING, some homosexuals mask their homosexuality by gay-bashing whenever they can in order to seem better to their heterosexual friends.
23. Donald Trump Isn't Very Smart.: I think the dumber ones are the ones who won't stop talking about Trump in the first place.
24. Heavy Metal Isn't Always Satanic: But some are. Apparently the soccer mom logic dictates upon hearing one that is or isn't satanic, they think all other bands in the genre are satanic. So even Led Zeppelin would be considered satanic right? There's that backwards message in Stairway to Heaven right? Well sorry, but kids like things parents don't.
25. There's a Difference Between They're and Their, Etc.: You hear that grammar Nazis? No one cares about you anymore.
26. Pro Wrestling is Fake: It's a sport. The people who care say no. The people without anything better to do say yes.
27. Life is Not Fair: Yes, DAD, shut up and stop making my life less fair than it already is.
28. Not All Americans Are Fat, Dumb, Religious Racists: Send this to every European ever. This is what happens when a European vacations here, they look at a fat guy with a Southern accent eating a hot dog and just offering a friendly opinion about his country. That European then assumes that all other Americans are just like this one man even though there are tons of other people around him.
29. The Color of the Dress is Black and Blue.: One of the worst memes ever I'm glad it went away.
30. Hillary Clinton Is a Criminal: Why don't we just say all politicians are corrupt criminals? They usually hog all their money to campaigning instead of being charitable.
31. The Dictionary Definition of Feminism: I don't want to see a change in the dictionary definition though.


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