Top 10 Things Everyone Does Without Realizing It

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1 Calculate how much sleep you will get at night

Okay it’s 11 now if I fall asleep and wake up at 9 I’d get 10 full hours. Anyone do this especially on school nights when you have to get up the next morning

lol, I do this.

Okay, so, It's 9 right now, and I want to wake up at 6:30 to catch Arthur on TV, so then I would get, uh, let's see, 3 plus 6.5 is 9.5, I would get 9 and a half hours of sleep, perfect!

I've done this before, but I don't do it a whole lot.

I hardly get sleep *laughs in insomnia*

2 Look back at your car after parking it

You finally find a parking spot and then you park in it and lock your car and turn around to get one last look at your car before walking to the building

Yeah I always do that. Just a habit.

3 Think of an embarrassing moment right before going to bed

We all have a long day then we’re in bed ready to sleep when our brain decides to remind us of some embarrassing moment 4 years ago

you go over your day before going to bed, which causes you to relive the most embarrassing or impactful things from the day, which can then lead to embarrassing things from a long time ago

Oh yes it freaking sucks. Big sleep preventer.

I can honestly relate to this.

4 Walk around your house while on the phone

I done this before when I was taking on the phone

I do this sometimes but not a lot

I do this a lot

We can’t just stay in one place we have to do something while on the phone so we walk around our entire house

5 Turn the radio down to focus better when driving

We all think we drive better when the radio volume is lower. We have to minimize all noise and everything around us so we can actually drive right

6 Clean your room then walk in to see what it would be like from someone else’s perspective

Yes and no. I honestly don't know. I'll clean it this week and get back to you.

Anyone else do this? Or is this just some psychological habit I have?

7 Open the refrigerator then close it only to open it again like 2 minutes later

I done this before when I was looking for something to eat and I didn't know what to eat

It’s like we all except some food will magically appear when we re open the refrigerator the second time.

Yeah everyone does it.

I do this all the time

8 Find the instructions to cook the boxed food after throwing the box away

You really thought you memorized the instructions 30 seconds ago but now can’t remember how long to put it in the oven so you have to go dig it up out of the trash to re-read it.

Yes I've done this.

9 Immediately track your order 5 minutes after ordering

I know it probably won’t be on my front porch but Dammit that doesn’t mean I can’t check and make sure they got my order going already

I done this on skip the dishes before when I ordered from a restaurant

You just wanna make sure the order is aight.

10 Read an email from the other person’s point of view before sending it

Yes, but you should do that.

I do this a lot

Of course we have to make sure it sounds professional enough and for some reason we don’t trust ourselves

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11 Sing when taking a shower

I don't sing in the shower but I freestyle a lot,

12 Stare at someone's bum

So embarrassing when you realise, and even more embarrassing when whoever's bum you were staring at realises as well. Oh God...!

13 Stare at strangers
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