Top 10 Things Everyone Needs to Learn Before 2015 Ends

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Everybody is equal but unique

Nobody is better or worse than another person. We all have things that make us special, but we should treat every person equally; with respect. - LizardKing99

Not criminals, they're scum.

Global warming is not a myth

The global temperature is increasing every year; if we don't start doing something about it, our planet will no longer be habitable. - LizardKing99

Nobody is 'holier than thou'

I respect all religions, and expect respect in return, but one good reason why I am an atheist is that I am not part of a culture that is inclined to shame me for rejecting their God(s).

It's okay to have a religion. It's okay not to have a religion. There are no superior beliefs; we should all coexist.

Slavery still happens in the world

Whether it be sex slavery, free or cheap labor, etc - it shouldn't exist. - LizardKing99

Homosexuality is not a sin
Smoking is still harmful

Cigarettes, I feel, are only still legal because of the large amount of money they bring in. Smoking a cigarette in public is like manslaughter; we need to stop smoking. - LizardKing99

The media displays unreal expectations for both males and females

No one will ever achieve the 'perfect body' they show you because it's not real. Photoshop is deceitful. - LizardKing99

$15 an hour is not a good pay for minimum wage jobs

People have to work very hard to even get to $15 an hour. Some never get there. Why should a menial worker be paid more than a firefighter? - LizardKing99

Which country do you live in? Canada has around $10 for minimum wage an hour and honestly that is one of the world's highest. - AsianBlood

The music industry is corrupted

A lot of people will say this, but it's because they look for different things in music. Nevertheless, the music industry makes it easy for talentless freaks to get famous for nothing and abuse their power. It has its adverse effects on the quality of mainstream music. More obscure musicians who really take time and effort are the ones who deserve to be famous.

Nowadays, all you need is looks to get famous smh

God save rock and roll.

The "Thought Police" are everywhere

If you don't agree with them deep down in your heart, they will find out and ruin your life.

I hate thought police so much... - Turkeyasylum

You WILL subscribe to the group-think, or else!

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Being simpleminded is a bad thing
The world does not revolve around you
Research something (a book, movie, TV show, etc) before showing it to your kids
Not all the stuff in the world is made for kids
Life won't wait for you
Hating mass immigration doesn't make you a racist
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