Top Ten Things Everyone Should Do In Their Childhood

If you don't do these then I'll feel sorry for you...
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1 Go Camping

I could've done this in 5th and 7th grade (my elementary and middle school had end of the year camping trips for students) but my overprotective mom wouldn't allow me to go on overnight school trips.

I never done that and should have.

I've actually not done this.

Never done this before

2 Ride a Rollercoaster

I remember my first roller coaster. I was 7 and my parents found a kiddie roller coaster. It was not a kiddie roller coaster and I was petrified. I did it again 4 years later and loved it.

When I was young, I remembered going to Knotts Berry Farm riding the Jaguar. I was scared at first, but when I got older, I enjoy this roller coaster

My first coaster was Crazy Mouse on Steel Pier at Atlantic City NJ at about age 11. My first "big" coaster was Steel Force at Dorney Park at age 15. I'm now 26 and a huge coaster fan.

I've always been a bit of a chicken when it comes to rollercoasters, but I always have a blast when I get the guts.

3 Go to the Beach

I love going to the beach. I go to Llanes every year, where there are lots of beaches. It's the best. There are just so much things to do in the beach. My favourite thing to do is swimming.

My grandparents live in Florida, so we go to the beach every year! It's one of the highlights of summer for me

I visited the NJ shore while growing up. I'm now 26 and the NJ shore is still one of my favorite summer vacation spots.

4 Play a Musical Instrument

I'm Asian and my parents didn't for e me to play piano or violin as a kid. Guess I was lucky.

I play guitar and piano. I'm learning saxophone and violin.

I always wanted to, but it's hard to decide on one.

I think we all know who voted for this.

5 Learn How to Ride a Bike

I love to ride my bike!

I prefer running...

6 Watch a Disney Movie

The Lion King deserves to be the most hated Disney movie, everyone should boycott it.

Most of my favorite movies as a kid were Disney movies. I loved Lilo and Stitch, especially

Everyone have a favorite Disney movie.

I even collected them

7 Go on Vacation

I went to Vegas when I was 2 years old.

It would be sad if you did not.

My family goes to other states for vacation sometimes, mainly Illinois, Tennessee, and Florida

8 Go to a Theme Park

I went when I was 23, which is technically young adulthood and not childhood, but I know A LOT of people went here during their childhood...

The Santa Cruz boardwalk was my first amusement park. I think I also went to Adventuredome in Vegas as a toddler but I'm not sure...

I went to Disney World three times. It's a very fun place to go, especially EPCOT

I went when I was 14

9 Get Yelled at by Mean Teachers

I get yelled at a lot

10 Play Video Games

I played Game Gear and Nintendo 64 as a kid.

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11 Win an Award at School
12 Go Swimming
13 Ride a Carousel
14 Run a 5k
15 Draw Pictures
16 Play in the Yard
17 Play in the Garden

Yard is old fashioned.

18 Went to the library for storytime
19 Ride Coin Operated Kiddie Rides

I vaguely remember going on a coin-operated ice cream truck once, but that was about it

20 Go to a Water Park
21 Drink Milk
22 Eat Candy
23 Go to School
24 Go to Summer Camp
25 Ride a Log Flume
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