Best Things to Explode in a Microwave

You have to admit doing this would be fun and any items I put on here that you may think would be cruel, know that I would never do this and it is just for a joke.^^

The Top Ten

1 Grape

If you do it right you can create plasma o_O - Zoeyzol

2 Smaller Microwave
3 A Gremlin

That is amazing guys

HA! Take that, suckers!

4 CD's or DVD's

Finally a use for your sibling's old Disney and Dora tapes! Enjoy the light show - Zoeyzol

5 Can of Soda

hmmmmmm, I wonder what would happen... - moose4life19

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6 Eggs

I was told about others that no matter what form in thier shell, those suckers pop!

We tried it and it wasnt a big of a mess to clean up. But if you want to know how to explode it you put I egg in the microwave for 1 minute

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7 Potato
8 Cellphone

Really... Who does this? *cough* - Zoeyzol

9 Apple

I guess maybe I'm not the fruit type - Zoeyzol

10 Pen

The Contenders

11 Radioactive Material

I hope none of you have this - Zoeyzol

I've tried it its awesome

12 Jello

the green kind is best... :P

13 Marshmallow

Awesome to watch a big mm expand.

14 A Foot
15 A Lighter
16 Beer
17 Condom
18 Mighty Putty

Microwaving Mighty Putty is the best way to stink up the kitchen! - Supergameplayer

19 Poop
20 Tomato
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