My rant about my fake best friend IRL

MLPFan (IRL=In Real Life)

So this is my story with my fake best friend, who I no longer want to be friends with, but am to scared to avoid her in order to prevent anything bad happening to me. Just call her as F/N (can't give any initials or even her real name)

F/N is a person whom I met at elementary school. I actually like her outgoing and extroveted personality, as It opposes my rather closed and introveted self. But there are many bad things about her and many egotistical things/decisions she did/made.

For example, in my phone. Thank god I didn't registered her fingerprints to my phone! (The Samsung Galaxy J7 Prime has fingerprint security) Because If I did, she would constantly snatch my phone and take it everywhere she goes and say that It's her phone. She always acts like It's her phone and would take selfies of herself. And when asked 'why didn't you bring your OWN PHONE?' She would say that her phone doesn't have a good camera! JUST BECAUSE OF THAT!!! Honestly, I've saw her phone once and while I have to say that It is very VERY outdated (no offence, but It's practically a dinosaur egg :v) phone, I think the camera's pretty good. And It's a touch screen one, so you can use apps with ease like how you do so In a newer phone. It also shows how self centered she is. One day, she whined "Why won't you take pictures in your phone?" Which I replied "I don't like to take pictures", and then she said "no, not YOU. Me. Just take photos of ME, Just ME". How selfish of her :v

She ALWAYS gets jealous at everything I do. I do get jealous sometimes, but only at the affections people get that I don't get, and over how overly loved a person is despite how judging from most points, we're not far off. Seriously, EVERYTHING. Even when I watched the SAO: Ordinal Scale movie, she gets jealous at it and said that I hurted her feelings, that I was a show off b*tch and that made her want to cut herself. Ugh.
But If you think that was bad, you haven't seen how jealous she is when I get good grades and got in the class's top 10 (meaning the class's 10 top students). She didn't got in and got rather average grades, and then she asked me about my rank in class and I said I got in the top 10 as the #6th student. And then she said "Oh, what a smarty pants you are. I don't wanna be friends with you anymore". And then she still treats me terribly in LINE(yes, almost all of us in school use LINE, even we have our own class group in LINE). She always tries to make me look like a bully or an alpha b*tch. Honestly, If she wants to get good grades, then she should've studied. But she didn't, and when she claimed she will study, she only readed a bit and then did something that has nothing to do with what we're learning. Wanna know what she did when we were expected to read our exam materials? She only reads when told and then she would play a fidget spinner. She even once said that the only important thing in exam grades is that you get a passing grade, which is only a 70. You might think I'm being one of those Obsessive Compulsive people, but to get into the class's top 10, you must get an above average grade. Which is at least an 80. The fact she's perfectly fine with a 70 and doesn't even have a minimum target just shows that she's one of those people who are desperate for good grades, but doesn't even want to work hard for it. And when someone else gets better grades, she gets extremely jealous for no apparent reason and starts bullying the person. I also have a bad feeling that she might be spreading some lies about me in the classroom group in LINE. Because she started a group call for no apparent reason. She might've tried to spread false rumours about me. And I realized how everyone has been trying to avoid me lately.

Speaking of telling lies, a friend of mine brought a slime making set to school. But then, other friend... You know what, I'll just call this other friend as F2 (Friend number 2) and another one as F3 (Friend number 3). But then, F2 and F3 went downstairs to buy a drink. And the other students left too. So It was only me and the fake friend in the room. Fake friend took the slime set and tried to create a slime with it. She then asked do I want to try to mix It? Since I was plain, unadorned person back then I agreed and mixed the slime dough. Then, F2, F3 and everyone else came to the room shortly after that. F2 was shocked with what happened to her slime set. Instead of taking the blame, fake friend BLAMED IT ON ME AND CLAIMED THAT SHE DID NOTHING!!!!!! I tried to defend myself and was angry at her accusation, and then she said that I was trying to frame her to get away with It. WHAT A HYPOCRITE!!!! SHE WAS THE ONE WHO WAS TRYING TO FRAME ME!!!!! F2 and F3 were mad at me (but now they all forgot about It and are now friends with me! 😁) I was crying since people actually believed her. And then, shortly everyone else realized that there's no way I would do something like that and the one who did It Is the fake friend despite how they didn't told the fake friend on F2. So the others who knew I didn't do It tried to cheer me up. Of course Fake friend was mad that her plan to frame me failed. And then I tried to explain It all to F2, but when I got to tell F2 about who really did It, Fake friend INTENTIONALLY pushed her desk to make a loud noise so I won't get a chance to tell everyone the truth. So at the end, fake friend "confessed" (she only said that mixed it a bit. She didn't said she took F2's slime set, or how she was the one who tried to made It, or how she tried to frame me, OR about how I was Innocent!) her actions to F2. And somehow she was forgiven and despite It was "made clear" who did It, I still also have to take punishment by changing the loss. Fake friend also has to change it. But no one even bothered to take It from my respective and only took the one fake friend wanted them to believe. Thus making me also considered guilty.

She can be hillarious in a way. One time there was some test, well It isn't really a test as It picks the result randomly and doesn't even have any real questions to it. I tried the quiz for a few times and I get different results everytime. Weird. She got one that says that everyone "loves" her (please, that's not even true to begin with. A lot of people would talk about what a terrible person she is when she Isn't around and would bash her. Some even told me that they outright hate her. Of course I'd know) and then she's like "OMG, THIS IS SOOO TRUE!! EVERYONE LOVES ME!!!!" She shares It to her LINE timeline and made her like with a love eye expression. I made a shocked expression and she was like "Why is your expression like that, are you jealous or you don't like it that everyone loves me?". What a deluded good for nothing.

She's also an annoying know-it-all who thinks she's all that for stupid reasons. She had an OC that's pretty much a self insert of herself except she didn't made her looks into the self insert and doesn't possess her bad traits. Her character was also 1 Dimensional and shallow. She only have one interest, one dislike, and originally had ridiculously unrealistic flaws before I told her she did it wrong. And strangely, before some of the changes, as the self insert's purpose was just to be hooked up with her fictional crush, the OC can cook her fictional crush's favourite food and uses the same weapon AS THE FICTIONAL CRUSH. And when I told her she's doing it wrong and all, she gets upset. She even got upset when I didn't said her OC's name when I was mentioning the OC. But she treated my OC (It's a B Daman OC, but I don't wanna give her a love interest because my OC isn't interested in romance) like trash despite how my OC had more development, had more personality and doesn't exist just to be with a 2D guy. She always say that my OC is way "too detailed", and used stupid asinine reasons to bash her such as her school skirt was short, or how she wears denim shorts in her casual outfit. I mean, how would It affect the character? Just because she dresses like that, It doesn't mean she's a slut.

And yet, she always tries to make me look like a b*tch. She always say that I'm a show off and even tried to make me look a slut once. She also always tries to make it look like that I'm guilty and that I should be ashamed of myself, regardless that I did nothing.

One time, I told her who I like by accident and she always makes obvious hints of the secrets. She always points the guy when I'm with her, stares at me for no apparent reason, always tries to say the person's name and even once threatened that she'd tell everyone about who I like to everyone. So It was supposed to be social studies that time, but the teacher didn't came so we had a free class for the subject period. Usually, a teacher will just announce a task we'll all do and then leave to attend other classes. There weren't any tasks given, luckily. So I was just sitting in my chair and then she told me to sit next to her, I said "No thanks" but then she was like "If you won't I'll tell everyone about the secret!" And because I had no choice I had to sit with her.

Not only that she also likes to boss around, even If she's not even the group's moderator. By group, I mean that If there was a task that needs to be done in groups, the teacher would separate the whole class to different groups. Nowadays in the given groups, there is no such thing as the moderator and the vice moderator. But the "friend" of mine would boss around as If she's the moderator and force her opinions and ideas. She would barely hear the ideas of others, only her own.

That's all I have to say for now. I just have to get it all out. I've been planning to report her, but I need to collect more evidence becaude otherwise she'd deny It. I mean, one time she swore so the father of one of our classmates in the 7th grade die, everyone already knew that she really did said so, but despite how there were witnesses, she still SHAMELESSLY deny It.

At the end, there will be the Judgement day. So one day, all her wrong doings and mistreatment will all be exposed. I'm not even an all pure person myself to begin with. And I'm not a religious person myself. But I do hope and pray that one day everything that she did to others will all be exposed. And I hope that no one else has to went through something I have.

Thanks for reading this but considering how long this post is, you guys are still reading this?


I have a classmate like that too. But she's not my friend though. - PurpleFox

Why does she borrows your phone only because the camera quality? :v

My phone also outdated too, but, I never changed it (although my dad forces me to changes my phone, it's annoys me! >:v ).

But, I'm total opposite of this. My classmates always borrow my phone to looks some stuffs I have (including my gallery that full of fanarts of shows/games I like). But, I'm trying to said "No". Then, they ask "why you not let us look your phone? ". I replied them with annoyed face: Because it's private (the main reason why don't let them look my phone is because I have different tastes than them :v ).

Oh yeah, this reminds me when I was 7th grader, I had a classmate like that. She's more prick than yours! I always cried when I got bullied by her (she always smiles evilly when I was in sticky situation and she claims she will report me although I don't did anything, she treated me like a dog! ).

Glad, she was no longer on my school because I though she was left or something after she got typhus when I was 8th grader :v

Finally, I could forgotten my nightmare when I was 7th grade. - visitor

My phone has a 13MP camera. I guess that's why - MLPFan

You poor thing, I wanna smack her repeatedly and hug you :( - TwilightKitsune

Same - MLPFan

Literally the popular girls at my school. You're so lucky that the kids at your school realize what a bitch she is. I'm proud of you for dumping her. - Absolite

Now they all listen to her lies about me. It's not fair - MLPFan

Fake friends = Demon disguises as an angel. - visitor

Lmao - TwilightKitsune

And that fake friend also has an anime crush and acts as If her anime crush is the most handsome one and that everyone else's are the ugliest. I think her anime crush is just average looking. But she always acts as If he's the most handsome of all anime boys. Please, there are many boys In anime who are WAY more attractive than him(at least in my opinion). Example, Izaya, Sebastian, Kaneki, Shizuo, Rin (Rin Okumura), Mikaela (Mikaela Hyakuya. He's really cute. Just look at his photo In this site. Aw, so cute), Yuu (From the same anime as Mikaela), Gray, Alois, Ciel, the Free! Anime crew, Len, Kaito, VY2, Hide, Kirito, Mikado (from Durarara! ), Light Yagami. I'm not insulting her anime crush, but what annoys me is that she constantly acts like he's the most handsome boy and every other boy in anime is ugly. She said that Kagamine Len looks like a transvestite blond kid (the ponytail) and constantly mocks him (and indirectly, me because she knew that I'm a fan of Len) when she sees a picture of him or a video of him singing. I mean, so what If he has a ponytail. One of her anime crushes use a ponytail, too! And I didn't even lift a finger when she brags of his "handsomeness". Wow - MLPFan

Shove bleach in her mouth - TwilightKitsune

Kaito is attractive in my opinion (i like blue-haired boy character like Corey from Grojband). Um, who's her anime crush, MLPFan? - visitor